Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Nintendo should listen to their fans more often. They have for years asked a normal part of Metroid, and its still no. But when Nintendo showed them Metroid Prime: Federation Force, fans of the series have rejected her so fiercely that even concocted a petition requesting the cancellation of the game. Probably, it would really be better to cancel.

The essence of the Metroid has always been in freedom, alone, in the study of conditional open world. The first part of the 1986 general laid the foundations for such a mixture of action and adventure, showing that the platforming is not necessary all the time to scroll the screen in one direction. Super Metroid developed this idea, Metroid Prime transferred it to 3D.

Even multiplayer Metroid Prime Hunters was not without a single campaign. She was very weak and obviously far-fetched, but still better than what we got in the Federation Force.

Review of Metroid Prime: Federation Force

The Federation Force there is no freedom, no loneliness, no peace. It is a cooperative game where four players instead of trying to pass the chamber and uninteresting mission.

Kill all enemies. Drag load on the rails while being constantly crawl everywhere enemies. Kill a short time a great enemy which opens a vulnerable point for a few seconds when destroyed other vulnerable points, and then closes it again for a few minutes. Move out of the maze of enemy base load, which disappears soon after it has been dropped, and you drop the him from each hit, the enemy constantly respawn, relieve many health and able to become invisible.

I think you understand that all of the above – or bored, or unbearably boring. And this entire Federation Force. Playing in it, one wonders, not only why it is not canceled, but still wonders why similar in principle to approve the development. Who all had the idea that it might be fun?

Review of Metroid Prime: Federation Force
During regular missions heroes-people use large exoskeletons to combat capability of not yield the legendary Samus Aran. But there are jobs that cause them to go outside and walk – helpless and miserable.

Usually cooperative makes the game better, but it did not save the Federation Force. Here the only thing that you can do with each other – it is to save, if someone is defeated in battle. For the rest, no interactions are not provided. There is not even voice chat.

And with randomly mates difficult: some running around where the boundaries and do what they came into our heads, others constantly spam voice commands from a very poor set in a vain attempt to explain something. In the best case, all just stand in a crowd and firing at enemies.

Normal Metroid releases in such situations allow replenish health and ammo in some way (eg, periodically releasing a bunch of simple enemies, from which the desired objects are guaranteed to fall). Federation Force – is not a normal part of the Metroid. And, once it obviously does not care about the convenience of the player – not a normal game as well.

If you think about it for even uncomfortable to play. Even just to aim. Even on New 3DS, although it uses a second analogue console. It is terrible to see how the game will be felt on a regular 3DS.

Review of Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Action Federation Force unfolds in three setting: ice, desert and plants, and they are all boring and faceless. No beautiful scenery, nothing pleasing eye – quite the contrary.

The game has a terrible art design. Heroes look like misshapen dolls, they never removes his helmet, because of what is happening is as impersonal as possible.

Same mission accompanied by text written as if from under the sticks. Wretchedness lexicon writer brings to mind an article in “Wikipedia”, written in Simple English.