Metroid Dread’s Creators Hinted at New Threat and Spoken About Samus – review Addiction

Company Nintendo published the next, fifth report related to the upcoming action movie Metroid dread… And she dedicated him to the abilities and skills of the heroine.

Samus Aran, the most famous bounty hunter in the galaxy, is well prepared for any danger or challenge. She was implanted with DNA of the Chozo race, which ensured adaptation to harsh conditions, and DNA of metroids, which give immunity to the X parasites. In addition, she was professionally trained and well equipped.

In the new part of the adventure, Samus no longer needs to stop to aim. Most actions can be taken from any position. The heroine moves easily, counterattacks at full speed, links her actions into a single chain thanks to smooth animation, and can even change her shape depending on the situation.

In the next issue of the report, due out on August 27, the creators of Metroid Dread promise to reveal where Samus got her new Power Armor. And the release of the game will take place on October 8, only Nintendo Switch owners will see it.

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