Media: Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Will Be More Traditional With Action Gameplay

Late last week, reports began to circulate that the French Quantic dreamwhich created Heavy rain and Detroit: Become Human, made contact with Disney and is working on a game by “Star Wars“.

Portal Kotaku also heard such information from an independent source familiar with the studio’s plans and shared additional details.

  • Quantic Dream has actually been in development for about a year and a half, but this won’t be a typical studio project with QTE, but a more traditional action game. Perhaps even with an open world and network elements;
  • The new Montreal-based QD team plays a major role in development;
  • According to two former Quantic Dream employees, the opening of the new office is partly due to the desire to gain development experience in areas outside of branched storytelling and cinematic storytelling familiar from the studio’s past projects;
  • They also point out that Quantic Dream’s proprietary game engine and tools are outdated and not well suited for making games more action and exploration oriented;
  • Due to the attempt to break away from the past style of the studio, internal tension allegedly ripened in the team. Individual teams argue about the correctness of the decision to prioritize gameplay over narrative.

Detroit: Become Human is known to be the latest Quantic Dream exclusive for the PlayStation. After the end of the contract with Sony, the studio retrained itself into a multi-platform developer, but the details of the new game have not yet been officially shared.

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