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Initially, the user creates the character. The woman, a man, a man with a beard, a man in a suit – the choice affects only the appearance, and excessive facial hair does not add any bonuses. Then the training starts explaining control for a couple of seconds:

To move one cell to the need to hold your finger on the screen, and to run in a given direction – to hold it on the display. At each level, there is the starting point and the finish line, and between them can meet a variety of obstacles: getting out of the land of thorns, boulders falling from above, running or flying monsters – but learning nothing there.

When the test is completed the level ends and the game itself. Then the user is prompted to open a list of locations, invented by the community, or at all to create your own.

The idea, of course, is excellent: creative people can realize their original ideas, while the rest of the players will always be new levels for passage. But, as you might guess, this system has serious disadvantages, because of which the first impression can deteriorate very quickly.

Even if you open the list of recommended at Community level, it is likely to stumble on stupid mazes. Some require them to communicate with the author to get the password to the door, standing directly in front of the finish. Other extremely complex, and everywhere they arranged dangerous obstacles.

There are also those who go need more than three minutes, and on one of the last steps is worth the lever trap, activating falling from the sky cobblestone. Of course, the “trolls” in the community lacks any game, but because of the total absence of levels created by developers just have to deal with such challenges.

However, not all creators in Mazecraftsuch. Many people try to come up with a really interesting puzzle, using all the possibilities of the editor. With the mind set traps and obstacles placed in sufficient quantities of gold coins and other bonuses, offer pass locations in stages. Such levels are obviously much more interesting. Not to look for a needle in a haystack, you can subscribe to favorite authors, and receive alerts when they lay out their new work.

Mazecraft game review

What is meant by this author – we can only guess.

Although these levels and many find they are often not possible. The top reason are the mission described above, pass most often unrealistic, and indeed the search is carried out here except by name. And people will not choose a heading level, where there is some sort of loud and funny words, so great job lost under the weight of stupid and uninteresting nonsense created only to attract attention.

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If the player is faced with the same outrage and can not find anything interesting, he can open a level editor, and come up with something of their own. There are many opportunities, and clear management. Each item that the user wants to place, will cost a few gold coins (this is the only virtual currency). Earn them very simply, as some people specially created levels for a lot of money. That’s only to carry more than 999 coins is impossible, which is why the only possible entourage is Greek – might work against other decorations, will have to pay real money for the so-called increase in purse.

But no matter how interesting and original level of the player or created, he will face with all of the same problem – his work can never find. Get to the top is very difficult, and hope for the section with the new tests should not be – newcomers appear every half an hour and quickly to score the entire list, leaving you no chance. We have to hope for a good name, but it does not always save.

Mazecraft game review

Some even manage to find bugs in the game and talk about their community.



There are also problems with the management (the hero something goes wherever he is asked, it does not respond to pressing and die), but it is unlikely they will bother you as long in Mazecraft you do not linger.