Matterfall. With the matter to be trifled with!

If a quarter of a century ago, any domestic players said they would leave the game with a plot and graphics level in the future « of Uncharted 4: The Way of the thief ,” he such a person in the best case would be ridiculed. Whereas the current level of development of the games do not even seem fantastic and impossible, not to mention the number of projects that are now a year get to release.
In addition, at the time one of the most important genres of the industry was the platforming genre. Recall, the Prince of Persia and for Another World . But as time went on, the players want a more colorful and large-scale projects, and platformers gone by the wayside, becoming the domain of indie developers, enthusiasts of rare and seems eternally faithful to the genre of the Nintendo .
Fortunately, even in this game as still able to surprise and delight us. Striking example of this – Matterfall .

Matter has value

Ghost Flashback somewhere nearby.
Outside the window – the distant future. This remote, that humanity has learned to use cunning alien technology. One of them is able to generate small objects with a blue substance – “matter”.
“What kind of alien technology? – you ask. – Have you ever 3D-printer is not seen “All true, but the plot of the game people would prefer to use for their own purposes it is this alien ingredient?. By the beginning of the game almost everything around is already composed of matter. But, as usual, something went wrong …
Hydroponic farm is always very unfriendly.
Blue Matter for some reason began to turn into a dangerous red antimatter. Against this background, many have gone mad robots, which are collected with it. Instead, the protection of the law and public safety, they began … well, as usual, to kill people, to fill the narrow spaces explosive materials and otherwise ruin the lives of those with whom she has remained. Survivors with this situation do not agree and commit to Avalon hired Darrow save humanity.
The beginning of the way.
Avalon – a man of many talents. And the most important of them: he knows how to work with matter. With the help of mercenary creates a platform over or under itself, activates energy shields, and regularly uses power ram.
Last – perhaps the most important element in the arsenal of an attacker Avalon – when exposed to ram the enemy goes into a short-term stasis. In addition, with this technology it is possible to destroy the flying projectiles at the player, and to scatter opponents if they suddenly become too much. And there will be many,
I assure you. Avalon will have to use all his skill mercenary. In an emergency, it will jump back, bend down and quickly move across the screen in a somersault, which did not dream of circus performers.
Many ashes from nothing.
Matterfall – a trap for the experienced player. He sees platformer from the creators Resogun and already represents a fountain of pixels, the sea of colors and a bunch of bright emotions in the bargain. And in fact it receives a stylish but gloomy game in style somewhat reminiscent of the film version of “Ghost in the Shell”. Very much okay match colors and the overall design of the local towns – and Matterfall they worked out the details. In the background there is always something going on, see the huge metropolis, illuminated neon signs, flashing lights door … Even the grass and shrubs respond to the local atmosphere and barely perceptible swaying under the air flow from the air conditioner. Beauty – is what you notice from the first seconds of the game.
Without special abilities hired can not do.

Hit the target – not a sign of victory

Oddly enough, bright futuristic world does not distract the player from passing. Quite the contrary – motivates the study and review. Each location, each wall, a lift or drop antimatter performed with incredible love and attention.
Kaleidoscope shooting.
But all this ceases to concern us at a time when the enemies appear on the horizon. The combat system in Matterfall simple, but well thought-out. The left stick is responsible for the movement, the right – for the shooting. The arrows hung extra weapons and special skills – you can get them for the passage of careful. Simply put, for the salvation of the locals.
The more Avalon save, the greater the likelihood that it will increase supply of energy and health. And without them there is difficult – in spite of the technological future, the death of the game is more than real, no you lechilok and last chance. Died – welcome to the last checkpoint.
An example of a positive cyberpunk!
The energy spent on boards and working with matter. With a large supply of energy can feel confident even in fights with big bosses who Matterfall presented in the best traditions of the genre – are big, with a speed system response and break through the auxiliary robots. You need to kill them in several stages, and win quickly will not work even at a low level of complexity.
By the way, about this. Developers have used a fairly cunning system: with decreasing level of complexity is reduced and damage to Avalon. It is transparent and does not really affect the overall flow, but to kill the bosses you’ll be a little longer. The converse is also true: the highest level of difficulty you can kill for the first bush, but points to the level of statistics you get incomparably greater damage and will apply appropriate. The same parameter affects the elements of health and energy, drop out of enemies. The higher the difficulty level, the less you will have.
Green elements – the guarantee of health!
And the game is constantly recalculates your damage. If you do not get to you for a while, it starts to grow two, three, four or more times. As soon as you will touch, the force inflicted damage will be weakened by one level. This system motivates better to study the levels and fight effectively.
About the ability of the same should not be forgotten – a grenade launcher can dramatically change the course of things in your favor, and an additional energy charge will allow to use the shield in a difficult moment. And if you destroy a large batch of enemies at once, then a large clot of matter – just shoot it to instantly destroy all enemies on the level.
Zero gravity – it’s beautiful!

In the battle to turn my head 360 degrees

During the battle we have is overwhelming kaleidoscope of colors and a riot of emotions, especially in the areas of zero gravity. You can only be saved at the control points, and the location of some of them are far from optimal. Be prepared for long jogs on the point of revival to the level of the final.
Such a solution has certain advantages: you get used to the level and study it thoroughly, know where to duck, jump back in time where, and where to break through the shield and destroy all the flying. But there is no single solution for the win. Each boot – a small story, a path to the final, which you waited a very long time.
Matterfall – a complicated game, and it is pleasant. She gives the player a challenge, playfully hinting that let this shooter with platforming elements, these things did not prevent it from being an interesting and very high quality game. And individual advantage, we note that during the passage we have not met a single bug.
postapokalipsisa motives are here.
Matterfall – a dark horse in the best sense of the word. By the screenshots are unlikely to guess what the game can surprise and please. And then you will run it and you do not notice a few hours spent in exciting battles on great locations. Beautiful, pert and exciting – the best recommendation for the lowly, but the proud genre of games.