Matt Piscatella: In 2019, Switch released more games to the U.S. than for the Xbox One and PS4 combined

Lead Analyst NPD Matt Piscatella shared on his page in Twitter statistics according to which for the entire 2019 in the United States for Nintendo switch order was issued 1480 new games that exceeds 400 positions number of products for consoles Xbox one and Playstation 4 put together. The figure covers both retail and digital releases, with the latter obviously having the majority.

In addition to this, Piscatella also published a schedule, in which Switch is compared to the original Wii by the number of new game releases for the first three calendar years of the existence of both consoles in the US market. The diagram shows that in the period from 2006 to 2008 inclusive, less than a thousand games were released on Wii in the USA in total, while on Switch alone, as a result of 2017, the console library already numbered more than 500 titles and almost grew over the next two years up to three thousand.

Previously Metacritic Team reportedthat in 2019 the hybrid console also took the lead in the number of positively rated games (from 75 points) among all platforms.

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