“Masculinity is not limited to men”: Rise of the Tomb Raider writer wants to see GTA with a female heroine

British screenwriter Rihanna Pratchett, known for working on a variety of games, including Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge, Tomb raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, talked to the publication Wiredwhere she discussed her career, as well as the art of creating vivid characters and plots for interactive works of art.

In particular, Pratchett said that she would like to see more adult and serious games with women in the lead roles, which are most often occupied by men. As an example, the screenwriter cited a super popular action movie Grand theft auto v, where among the three central characters there is not a single girl

“I would be very interested to see how the developers of hypermasculine games work with female characters in the lead roles. I remember being very disappointed in GTA V when I saw that all three central characters are men. I know that the Hauser brothers It has already been explained earlier that GTA as a franchise is also a platform for reflecting masculinity, but masculinity is not necessarily inherent only to men, and femininity is not necessarily subject to only women.

If you put a woman as the heroine of this [криминального] world, then an entertaining story could come out. In the same “Wire” (The Wire) there are several cool heroines who quite exist in this male criminal reality. The same can be said about Orange Is the New Black.

In general, it is interesting to appreciate how authors who are excellent at handling exclusively male stories would try to create a script with a female heroine, having worked out all the necessary nuances and subtleties that we now very rarely see. 18+ rated first-person or third-person games with female lead roles are rare. I would like to see more stories with women in similar contexts, “- explained Pratchett.

Rihanna Pratchett’s latest project to date is an experimental narrative puzzle Lost Words: Beyond the Page

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