Marvel will make a horror film adaptation of comics – Igromania

According to media reports, Marvel decided to take up the horror direction and now the studio is looking for an actor for a special episode on Halloween.

Marvel is considering candidates of Hispanic origin at the age of 30, and production for the Disney + episode is set to begin in early 2022. According to sources, the project is based on the comic book series “Night werewolf” (Werewolf by night).

The horror comic had two heroes, Jack Russell and Jake Gomez. The first appeared back in 1972, while the second was presented only last year.

According to primary sources, Russell learned to transform into a werewolf of his own accord and even fought with Moon Knight – the latter got his series on Disney +, and, according to rumors, the role of Russell may be played Ethan Hawke (and the knight plays Oscar Isaac).

But in this case, we are supposedly talking about Jake Gomez, who was cursed, as a result of which he began to turn into a monster. In parallel, he began to try to use the werewolf’s power to achieve good goals.

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