Marvel Heroes

The Diablo formula , usually embedded in the dungeon crawleror the Isometric hack and slash , does not finish finding that round game that revives the genre as before. Blizzarddid not meet the huge expectations that were with Diablo III,


which, despite being a brilliant game, does not evolve so much mechanics as to pigeonhole as a revolutionary. Many publishers have also tried to find a path through which to take a style of games as fun as addictive and with identity.


This time it’s the turn of the Marvel superheroes , who try their luck in this field as in many other backed by a team of programmers, Gazillion Entertainment , among which there are former Blizzard developers and absolute lovers of the genre. Marvel Heroes can now be downloaded for free on computers through Steam.

In a free to play model with constant invitation to the micropayment but leaving it voluntarily, this Marvel Heroes – until recently Marvel Universe – proposes dozens of hours of combat and incessant team search controlling names like Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America or Hombre de Hierro.


Give it a first round will not last more than 8 hours but, as the genre commands, the key is the replayability. It is not a production with great pioneering aspirations in terrains of mechanics, attempt of unparalleled graphic finishing or twists of nut to flirt with new tendencies, far from it.


The great attraction of Marvel Heroes is, as the name suggests, playing with the heroes of Marvel, being able to throw cobwebs with Spiderman or use the brute force of Hulk. Neither more nor less, each character has its branch of unique abilities and style, weight and power to make its way in quite generic scenarios and against clone enemies once again.

Different character classes very well distinguished in superpowers.  One of the strengths of Marvel Heroes in addition to their recognizable final bosses.
Different character classes very well distinguished in superpowers. One of the strengths of Marvel Heroes in addition to their recognizable final bosses.

Now, this is done very correctly, engaging the player little by little as they do not stop offering more and more items, new characters among the staff of more than 20 heroes (plus another 5 that will come in future updates), a lot equipment material and inventory consumables, etc.


Of course, the great skill of this production is to offer an intense campaign for a player that where it really works is when two others come to cooperate.


Of course, no fan of the Action RPG believe that you will see here a tremendous offer and a deep development worthy of the best of its kind: Marvel Heroes is quite casual, simple, for all types of audiences. What soon does, for those who are habitual, flat.

Resurrection of villains

Hydra has gone back to doing theirs, unleashing the best-known evildoers of the editor and clear antagonists of comic superheroes. Thus, mythical enemies like Venom, Magnetoor Abomination are dispersed by the areas of the game, which go from cities or forests to laboratories and military installations, some of them with a labyrinthine design


very well posed to procure direct combat, with distances, ambushes , preferred position of the bosses, etc. Precisely the final bosses


They are the central point of the game and one of the incentives to continue advancing in a campaign that ends in 6 or 8 hours but invites several laps. Seeing who is the next great adversary and how he uses his best known powers is a constant.


The characters to choose at the beginning are perhaps second or third class, not at all the most popular. Spiderman, Slaughter or Wolverine are not among the top five, which are Daredevil, Storm, Hawk’s Eye, The Thing, or the Scarlet Witch .


Obviously, through direct payment you can access the other 16 characters at the start, but if you want to continue playing for free and unlock them with the Gold obtained, you will wait many hours ahead until you get them, maybe too many, because like other F2P,


everything invites you to pay with Real money and forget about a laborious unlocking through the game itself. It responds to the standards in this of the micropayments , nothing out of the ordinary in a title that is free. Other acquisitions with Gold


are costumes to differentiate our character or team materials that increase some of their attributes . The latter are not exposed visually, so to differentiate ourselves from other online players we can only place suits ( skins ).