Mario Sports Superstars

MSS meets austere interface with the huge selection of competitions icons that instantly wary. In addition to these access points at startup “Collection”, which offers to buy the card to fill a thick album. Fun – a purely aesthetic and coin – almost the only thing that promote the Olympic spirit. Severely, is not it? But at Nintendo ready explanation – publisher chased realism.

Local football really is in stark contrast with the reckless Mario Strikers Charged Football(2007).

In the old game, remember, fight proceeded five by five (including the goalkeeper) – rather, rattled in a situation of utter absurdity: wind gusts could provoloch tractor or a cow into the arena, the judges turned a blind eye to minor mischief type quietly abandoned banana peel outs and removal absent special moves can be sent to the grid in one fell swoop to six balls … in short, arcade fun, bright and unpretentious, designed for very different audiences.

The MSSon the usual racing eleven eleven, instead of traps – a standard layout, in the presence of a throw and offsides, no excesses and chaos.

Of the sixteen known characters are allowed to choose the captain and his assistant – someone relies on speed, others are able to screw into the core of the “nine”. They are assisted by eight clones – frogs, turtles, gloomy mushrooms and so on. Goalkeepers, in Mario Strikers Charged Football, Quick-witted and clever (though sometimes come across on the outputs) – unlike fellow with mobile phones.

“Breakdown” of the forehead – a waste of time, or need to cheat with the trajectory, or gently play tricks in the penalty area. More rescues superudar: Kata kruglyash on the field, waiting, when it sparkles, enter artless combination – and now the hero leaps over the grass, and it turns into a catapult Boot. However, the goalies are often parry shots, so it’s not a panacea.

Remains wisely fold and put out the fire in their half of the lawn rolled back – card here is not issued and, accordingly, do not expel the locker room. What’s strange – something the referee on the lookout …

AI is surprising coherence of action, it allows you to freely striding to a rendezvous with the goalkeeper, it was a “cheater”, dragging the ball on the side tochnehonko ribbon.

Tactician one small thing: throw in the air, shake off the tail protectors, send twisted beats – a goal (or, rather, an eternal bar / crossbar).

Bored quickly – even a change of characters does not help. Is that you will wonder aim to see all the “super” and the celebration … In place of a career – a series of four cups.

To be honest, even in the oldest J. League Goal Victory (1995) I played with b about lshim enthusiasm – yet the presence of the regular season with feverish surveillance of the table means a lot. The MSS, Less transient turnirchikov can be tested (in the football section – the most simple), customize your own game, and … everything.

These claims are relevant and golf to tennis. The basis for the regimes were the recent Mario Golf: World Tour and by Mario the Tennis: Ultra Smash – borrowing concerned gameplay mechanic, interface, animations, notices … On the court disorienting that different types of strokes ( “candles” slow on the bottom and others) are marked with flowers, other than the main buttons, plus a wonderful look inability to produce cups in doubles.

Golf in comparison with the World Tourdoes not give the feeling of progress – quickly get used to the prioritization of obstacles in the fields, to master maneuvers to deal with the wind picks up a stick and depending on the coverage, zeroed on a couple of failed attempts. The main drawback – the Spartan minimum content. In general, golf and tennis will not be able to stir up the veterans.