Mario Kart 8

On this happy note review in an amicable way it would be possible and collapse. The most important thing about Deluxe clear and true: it is substantially the same as the eighth “Maps”, about which version of the U three years ago, wrote on our website Sergey Tsilyurik. Only now the game was released on the Switch, with all the DLC, doctored balance and a little bit of new content. Kind of like a full and justifying the price, however, little has fundamentally changed in that although not perfect, but addictive, gambling, reckless, and in the company of friends and does almost irreplaceable game.

Review of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

At the same time to explain in words what exactly is notable MK8, it is not so easy. Well, that is, here are elaborate games with a bunch of mechanics. They are good his structure – how initially disparate elements are given in whole and serving player. Like a building, which is visible from afar beauty. But the “Maps” by the looks simply, and its appeal is unclear. Even the visual eye of the modern gamer, accustomed to the literal details of a bleeding image, nothing to catch. Some cars, throw each other all kinds of things men, Kindergarten aesthetics. And as it seems to be nemudreny gameplay.

In this case, the game is good. But it is not the structure, as it were, at the atomic level. Inside. You press on the pedal – and the car rushes into the distance. Like many of the main series Nintendo «Maps” as if catching a primary charge of fun, and developers can only not to spill, to bring it up to the player.

Review of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The first “map” – is, of course, race. And they can learn to play seriously. Painstakingly choose from thousands of the most suitable for your style of driving a combination of character, machines and spare parts. Remember the place where you can cut straight. Learn with millimeter precision to enter each turn of the numerous trails, accumulating in the drift allowing for a few precious moments to speed boost. Train in Time Trials mode, competing with the “ghosts” – downloaded from the Internet records of the best races of champions-players.

At the same time MK8 – slot machine, where a very great deal depends on what kind of item you got from the next box. It is, first allowing it to work as a game for parties, where if you somehow miraculously over the heads up to the first place, then, of course, thanks to Scilly.

And when on the contrary – it is possible to refer to that just now out of luck (but the game continues). And secondly, this randomness does not “map” out of steam, as it quickly takes place on the same Switch Fast RMX, where after some time, just learn by heart the route. And there is only sanded driving, so the next time to come for a few milliseconds faster.

But in MK8 amazing always there. And even the most worn-out tracks to constantly improvise and tempt fate. Turn off the ideal line, where some hooligan threw a banana peel. Any reward involves risk, and you can keep accelerating Thrifty and reduces the path of the mushroom to the last moment, depriving subjects receiving lightning, stay in the middle of the off-road skid.

Decisions often need to quickly and intuitively, without forgetting to fit into corners, giving a slight acceleration to select coin and figure out whether the driver is not going to come running to you in the forehead zafintilit green shell. (No, I dropped by. Just beat it defended us from time back in red armor. For greed immediately punishes quietly waited his moment of glory behind the player. He comes forward.)

Review of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe