“Make at least subtitles”: Russian gamers ask Square Enix to translate a remake of Final Fantasy VII into Russian

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A group of Russian gamers launched on the site Change.org petition with a call to the company Square enix translate remake Final Fantasy VII for Playstation 4 into Russian. Users note that they will be happy even to subtitles.

“Make at least subtitles. You don’t need voice acting. There are a lot of Finals fans in Russia! Moreover, such a masterpiece can be translated. The 15th was translated, so give a gift to fans and Final Fantasy VII,” writes one of the fans.

“Yes, as much as possible. They either translate the games of the series, or they hammer the bolt. Give me at least subtitles,” adds another gamer.

The petition started a few months ago, but its creation was not widely covered. Many drew attention to it after the demo version of Final Fantasy VII was released on the PlayStation Store, when it turned out that there was no Russian translation in it.

At the time of this writing, the appeal to Square Enix has collected about 1,500 signatures.

Formerly Japanese Publishing House reportedthat the game will receive voice acting in the following languages:

  • Japanese;
  • English;
  • Deutsch;
  • French.

And subtitles in such languages:

  • Japanese;
  • English;
  • Deutsch;
  • French;
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Italian;
  • Spanish;
  • Korean.

It is worth noting that Final Fantasy XV immediately came out with Russian subtitles, and with the appearance on PC also received an official Russian-language voice acting.

The remake of Final Fantasy VII will debut on April 10, 2020.

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