Mafia 2 received new graphics with realistic rendering

In a famous game Mafia ii with an open world, they significantly improved the visual component, and showed how the game might look in 2023. Many fans of the game appreciated what they saw. 2K Gameswho were able to get improved graphics in Mafia 2 is free.

According to, an enthusiast under the nickname QTmodz has released a new project for the game Mafia 2, which was called Old Time Reality. In his global modification for Mafia II, the modder decided to seriously redesign and improve the graphics in the game, including its lighting system, weather conditions, effects and textures. As a result, the author of Old Time Reality suggested that with his mod even in 2023, Mafia 2 will be able to please fans with its picture, which was extremely impressive at the time of the release of the game. In addition to improving graphics and detail in Mafia 2, the author also reworked several other aspects of the game, including camera angles and location, and police behavior in an open world.

As you can see in the video and screenshots of the Old Time Reality project for Mafia 2, the game has changed weather conditions for all the seasons shown in the game, and the sky, clouds and sun rays have also been improved. In Mafia 2, road textures were improved, including asphalt and dirt roads, street lighting was changed, and lighting was reworked in all rooms in the game’s story missions. Finally, now in Mafia 2, many modern graphic effects have been added that were not in the release version, for example, the soft Bloom post-effect. Download the Old Time Reality mod for Mafia 2 can all owners of the game on the project website for free. It also contains instructions for installing the mod.

Mafia II fans are currently waiting for the announcement Mafia 4, which is rumored to be in development. According to, many expect that the mistakes made in Mafia 3 will be corrected, so that in the end, Mafia 4 will be much better, and pleased fans of games in the open world. However, it is not yet known how soon the official announcement of Mafia 4 will take place, and in what era the game will take place.