Piece after piece
When there is a chance to intervene on everything, Machiavillain is not automatic and from the start the player must choose and guide the three initial minions in the resource collection (wood, rocks, plants, etc.). ..) to start building the rooms.
Let’s take this hand in the early “hours” of the game (minutes for us) with jobs, ie tasks and their priority in performing them to be assigned to minions; we need to be careful to give the right balance between resource recovery, construction of structures, and victim management.
After you’ve cleared the nearest section of the map, we go to the office, where we give a minion to write letters that can attract potential victims; because because we have the most beautiful mansion in the world we will have no customers without some advertising. When humans come to the mansion, one must not find themselves unprepared, hiding the minions inside some rooms (remember to build floors, walls and doors) or using the special abilities of some that make them camouflage.
But attracting them is not enough because the victims can have different characters: in front of a monster they can remain clothed, run away or counterattack, so you have to be ready for anything.
Once killed, the player retrieves from the bodies four different foods, namely brains, flesh, blood and bones, to be kept differently (fridge, dispenser, etc …) and to use to feed our tireless minions, more faithful to based on how well we treat them .
A careless and incautious lord in fact is the first cause of defeat because a savage army is a happy army and our role is to make the lives of our “soldiers” as serene as possible to prevent them from turning against them.
This also means helping them in their work, building death rooms like murderous Jacuzzior paths with lethal sliding rollers, but also to prevent the level of suspicion from reaching disturbing thresholds: in a world that is respected, there is no such thing as the disappearance of a group of boys goes unnoticed and this raises the “Suspettometer” which can to come up with special events like the appearance of some “Monster Hunter”, hunters who will approach the armed mansion up to the teeth and with hostile intentions, or the uprising of the inhabitants of the nearby villages, with assault full of torches and forks.
To prevent the worst from happening there are some arrangements or events such as keeping the clean mansion (having dirty blood walls is in fact somewhat suspicious) or paying a hacker to clear every trace of the victims and their families out of social, blogs and various media.
That then the victims do not necessarily have to die, but they can be turned into zombies or vampires through the special skills of some minions. Comfortable not?
A fragile empire of evil
After several hours (real) of play our job begins to take shape: there are beds, research lab, kitchen, assassin Jacuzzi, pantry, main salon and much more; we have built the demonic ax to break the damn trees and we are also connected to the cemetery that provides us with spiritual energy.
The more Machiavillain you play and the more you taste, you want to advance, develop that boost, buy that new minion or build that missing room. It is a potentially infinite and immense game, where each game promises to be different from each other and where every player can express their creativity as much as possible, also as a carrier for game developers. Much merit goes to Zimra, which is all the artistic beauty of Machiavillain , really essential: the minion design, their animations, the very concept of some of them are so funny and ingenious to capture any player. All the team did a great job, because the game works in every aspect of gameplay, but it’s also brilliant in descriptions, jokes and some of the parody’s magical stories.