LunchHouse Software is working on the ideological heir to the canceled prequel Portal

Studio Lunchhouse software working on a game that is inspired by the canceled prequel for Portal entitled Aperture camera. Project called Exposure, and the developers have already released a short video demonstrating some gameplay mechanics.

It is noted that the Aperture Camera code (another name for F-Stop) went to Valve’s LunchHouse Software, and the creator of Portal gave permission for the development of the project. Throughout 2023, new videos with advanced game mechanics are promised.

The video demonstrates how to use the camera to duplicate, scale and place certain objects to solve puzzles. For example, to assemble a ladder from cubes, launch one of them into the air with the help of balloons, or climb higher with the help of a ventilation grill and air flow.

I must admit that the idea implemented in the video is very curious and, perhaps, is not inferior to the concept of portals. True, it is not yet known whether a full-fledged game will be released at all and when this can happen.