Lucius II: The Prophecy

“He took the weak and punished the infidel. He looked through their souls and found the true Self that they were hiding “

When the Prophecy (The Omen) premiered in 1976 , the genre of terror discovered a cinematographic masterpiece whose greatest element of fright was the angel face – at the same time disturbing – exhibited by the protagonist child. But its forced sequel was not up


to standard, becoming merely what is called “bodycount”, that is, a succession of deathswhose maximum interest is to see how they occur. With gigantic potential to achieve a great psychological horror game, the Finnish studio Shiver Games he threw

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires

his “imagination” to the subject and took the base of The Omen for Lucius of PC , creating a game with a good basis on That role blend of survival horror to kill the pair infiltration by the nature of the character that we -, but a technical and playable execution with many shortcomings.

The seed of the devil
Now, three years later, little Lucius returns. And it does with a sequel comparable to The Prophecy II for the theme of becoming a laughable “bodycount” in which electroshocks, amputations and poisoned donuts come together. Lucius II: The Prophecy 

follows the story of the first installment, a title that did not provide the opportunity to embody evil in the form of an impassive child named Lucius.


After the terrible events of the original title, the little demon continues to wreak havoc across the length and breadth of the locations that will accompany us in such bloody history.


Thus, and with the aim of enforcing the prophecy and discovering Lucius’ own past – and the events that lead him to act so brutally – we started our particular butcher shop in the psychiatric hospital of St. Benedict , with a Lucius something more older but with the same,


a priori, innocent appearance. As in the first title, the objective of Lucius II is simply to finish with as many people as possible of each level or map, making everyone andEach one of the homicides seems unfortunate accidents .

Lucius II: The Prophecy (PC) screenshot

Lucius II: The Prophecy (PC) screenshotLucius II: The Prophecy (PC) screenshot

Its development is quite similar to the original, that is, we go from one objective to another through scenes that try to contextualize the action and that very rarely help us to better understand the development of a poor script, predictable and full of topics


of the gender. More than an adventure of terror, Lucius is still a whole “splatter adventure” in which we are the bad guys of the film, dispensing death and


terror right and left. In fact, the argument is relegated to the background – showing itself to us through different scenes animated in two dimensions –


and inviting us to exploit our wildest side with the numerous options that each level gives us to finish off our victims.

With each new chapter – we start at the aforementioned hospital, but soon we will change to more open locations, in a small town – we will have


at our disposal an infinity of objects that will serve to materialize each murder; the merit of the matter is that we can plan and execute each death with total freedom , always taking into account the options that are presented to us in each case.


Thus, we can fill our extensive inventory of different objects, some of which can be combined to get new “weapons”, such as the omnipresent


donuts poisoned, authentic caloric bombs with essence of rat-mats that ended the life of the one who I try them. Small puzzles that will happen one after the other, some of greater complexity and others more than evident.

Lucius II: The Prophecy (PC) screenshotLucius II: The Prophecy (PC) screenshot

We will also have to use different objects, machines and other elements of the scenarios to make each room or corridor a deadly trap; washing machines, showers, electric cables, fans and all kinds of furniture will help us in our sadistic purposes while we remain unnoticed among our potential victims. With each new murder we will gain experience points


awarded by our progenitor, Satan. And is that the game will start in the same underworld, a small tutorial phase that will allow us to know and adapt to


its peculiar interface, while trying to get rough controls and that have a lot of room for improvement in terms of accuracy and comfort .

Lucius is controlled in the third person, although we are free to move the camera both in depth and around us. Of course, such is the sensitivity of the mouse to move the camera that eventually ends up tiring, in addition to the total inefficiency when our young protagonist tries to aim


with an object. Lucius is able to interact with all kinds of objects, equip them and use them quite freely, although the way we have to do it is far from what we consider a comfortable and intuitive interface.


We will also be able to throw them to break other objects or simply place a trap in the desired place; as long as we manage to aim successfully, something unusual due to a contextual parabola that seems uselessand that will make things more difficult for us, especially in those moments when speed is essential so we do not get caught.

Lucius II: The Prophecy (PC) screenshot