Lovers in a Dangerous

I chose you, a dog / cat / qualsiasicosatusia for a friend
Once you’ve boarded our space ship, the difference will be from being alone or in company: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime  welcomes up to four players, but can even entertain you in two, with one that will do the pilot and the other will do the rifle. If you are playing alone, instead, you will be flanked by a pet of your choice that will be controlled by the AI. It is almost pointless to point out that while the game is “cute” in single, fun increases exponentially if th
e experience is experienced in the company of someone sitting next to us,. By relying on the AI ​​for his companion, in fact, not only does the comparison lie side by side, but it also falls into an episode of artificial intelligence that is not always impeccable, where our companion will, for example, be careful to shoot at obstacles rather than the Titanic enemy wh
o is about to take your ship out. In some cases, in short, you will be forced to rely on the classic motto of the  person  and you will end up ordering your animal companion to handle the rudder or, perhaps, to move the shield of the ship, throwing you to the lead control.
Your vehicle is equipped with
a variety of equipment to handle your journey: in the 2D universe you will have to explore, you can arm an attack tower on each side, a powerful cannon and a shield that will repel the most violent attacks that of a motor that will serve-incredible but true-to be able to move. Each of these equipments is assigned a terminal shown inside the ship, reachi
ng for which you can take control of it. If, for example, you are dealing with the helm, use the appropriate key to send your companion IA to the shield or attack tower. Even in this case, of course, imagine how much more lively and crazy the situation if in t
he space ship you are working in four simultaneously.
The control of the various weapons i
s quite intuitive, while the helm can create a bit of confusion even after a few hours: with an analog stick you have to move the engine along the vessel’s circumference, and only after positioning it in the opposite directio
n to that in which you want to proceed, you will be able to push forward. A choice of personality that is tied to the will of the game to lead us to a circular ship, but in the most cautious phases it will surely make you  miss some maneuver, making you crazy.
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Welcome aboard my ship, ladies rabbits
On board our ship we will hunt for different levels mined by enemy presence, with opponents of different typologies and therefore require to be faced
in slightly different ways. An example is armored monsters, which must first be stunned by putting the shield ahead, and only after that you have to attack – something not always easy to do if you play with the AI.
The purpose of the trip is to identify in the galaxy the prisons where our beloved rabbits were hidden in order to free them. Once you’ve got five innocents and after you’ve saved them (a mechanics that reminds us strongly of PixelJunk Shooter Ulti
mate, game of the same kind 2D shooter reviewed a few years ago), you will be able to access the portal-heart that will allow you to face the next level. Before doing this, you will be faced with one of the most interesting mechanics of L
overs in a Dangerous Spacetime : the ability to boost your ship. In shoot’em up mechanics, the indie game affords some role-playing features, offering different types of gems that you can install on the terminals to enhance the effects of each tower. For example, equip you with more powerful bullets and laser beams, increase eng
ine propulsion, or let your approach to your shield be lethal, to name a few possible. We are confident you will customize your ship according to your gaming style, waiting for a sufficient number of rabbits scattered around the galaxy – to unlock additional power ups and even more leveling ships.