Love and hate the games Telltale: from The Walking Dead to The Wolf Among Us

There is a gaming industry company, one that its appearance form the whole genre and become its synonym. Once at RTS word immediately recalled studio Westwood and Dune 2 , and the genre of MMORPG strongly associated Blizzard and World of Warcraft .
One of these companies can be considered a studio Telltale Games is , create an amazingly interesting and at the same time incredibly boring game. In many ways, this is not even a game, but an interactive story where the player can sometimes affect something. And sometimes he just thinks it affects. It is therefore relevant to the studio formed ambiguous. We decided to find out what you can love and hate the game from Telltale and why they deserve.

Boating death on Calvary

The first game of Telltale Games is , received a fair amount of popularity in episodic genre began by Sam & Max the Save the World . The game tells the story of police Sam and Max, the original investigating crimes in an unusual manner. The fact that Sam and Max – dog and rabbit, respectively.
By the time the Telltale Games is turned their attention to Sam and Max, the heroes were already retired and missed old days, because their first business started in 1987 in the Department of komiksovoy police, and in 1993, the children were transferred to the department of computer games, where they were serving.
Division shone only the first few years. At the beginning of the zero financing was unstable, and then completely stopped. As a result, Sam and Max retired exactly to the moment until they were called to the office staff of Telltale Games is .
Sam once again saw a purpose in their work.
They offered Sam and Max episodes to work in the mode. Investigate the crime, and then rest for several months. The result is a system that, on the one hand, the player is not tired a long passage, and on the other – kept him in good shape and constantly maintain interest in the game.
Get six episodes in which Sam and Max saved the world from a mysterious threat and investigate its origin.
However, Telltale Games was still quiet and mysterious studio with twenty projects (if you count all the episodes issued at the time of individual games) in its portfolio.
At first glance, solid – in Blizzard’s history was less projects. But if you look a second time, and even a monocle insert, you will notice that all the projects Telltale Games is so niche that episodic for them – good. It’s like a certain style in art, nothing more.
But in 2012, in the office of Telltale Games, something changed. Yes, so much so that in April of that year, the developers have released of The for Walking Dead of The the Game , a game based on the eponymous comic book and television series. Interactive adventure game where the player must make decisions at key moments and make sure that what the decision will lead in the future.
The graphics in the game stylized comic drama off scale, and the history is so rich and exciting the game is encouraged to see the show and read comics. Few can forget Clementine even now.
On some screens it is possible to paint.
As a result, the franchise withdrew and began to bring stable profit on all platforms. Including Telltale Games, released the game even Ouya console. But the same financial success and became the cause of the stagnation of the company.

Game treacherous reps

After “The Walking Dead” left an indelible mark in the hearts of the players and to encourage them with a purse ready to wait for new episodes from Telltale Games employees dizzy. Well, then began copying itself.
By and large, Tales from the of Borderlands  different from the Game of Thrones  only the scenery, but not the mechanics. Moreover, these two games left after the first season of The for Walking Dead , but for drama were significantly worse and easier. The impression that the developers have no idea, and they simply customize your engine Telltale Tool under the current franchise.
To understand how the screenshot, you have to play a minimum of Borderlands , and the maximum – even in The Walking Dead.
In fairness, there were exceptions: for example, of Minecraft Story -Mode . The game was good (for Telltale Games games) history and its unique style. The same can be said about Batman: the Series of The Telltale . The game was all over that like to play Telltale: alluring story, familiar characters, dramatic situations and nice graphics. That is all that makes some of the players waiting for new episodes.
But there was also another project Telltale Games is , which deserves special attention and is considered one of the best in the history of the studio.

Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

On of The by Wolf for Among Us  has developed an unusual situation. This game is also based on a comic book, too, with episodes and interactive story at the heart of the gameplay. But all is perceived quite differently than in other projects the studio.
In The Wolf Among Us was the perfect visual style, saturated with all the fabulous stamps.
Wolf here – not an anti-hero, a detective investigating the crime.
 Frog – not a princess, and not even the king, but something in the aging, and a vest-alcoholic. Noir, gloom, music and impeccable style – these are the features that distinguish The Wolf Among Us series of similar games.
Instead, a red hat – red shiner.
Not surprisingly, the players were looking forward to the announcement of the continuation. And on July 19 the studio announced that it will release the second season of The Wolf Among Us, as well as Batman: of The Enemy Within and of The for Walking Dead: of The of Final Season . Besides, a new story about Batman will be released in August, and the other two games will appear in 2018.
The announcement tells us that the genre of interactive stories are still interesting and relevant – in spite of the skepticism, constantly hovers over the project Telltale.
Example of The for Walking Dead has shown that interactive stories can be popular and in demand among players who want to relax in front of the TV, and get acquainted with a fascinating history with a minimum of gameplay. And these players will be more.
With each day comes a lot of games to go and all of them there is no way, and to play in something, so even with the plot, would be desirable. After all, as you may say that Uncharted – «soap film”, but for playing Natana Dreyka is still necessary, but in the last part so also do a small scene selection, and not every player wants.
The result is an ambiguous situation.
On the one hand, interactive stories from Telltale Games monotonous, do not always have new ideas that can surprise, and the title of the full game is not quite pull. But with all this Telltale Games – this is speaking, a kind of brand name, at the mention of which is immediately understood what it was about.
And given that the free time to play very little, and look good interactive story still want, Telltale Games will be needed more than one year, or even two.
They are always in demand, even if there is in that play on the hard disk. Simply because after the construction of the bases, the colonization of alien worlds and other important things to do (what we do in most games) you want something simple but also exciting.
It is these projects and gives us Telltale Games.