Lord of the Rings Online and D&D Online are temporarily free – review

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Studio Standing stone games announced an action aimed at improving the life or at least the mood of those who were forced to quarantine. She completely opened for players her classic online games: Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Both projects released by the studio Turbine in 2006-2007, at the usual time, shareware: basic content is available to everyone, and you have to buy additional locations, in whole or in parts. Now, until April 30, all “convention” is temporarily removed.

The goal of Standing Stone Games is to give people joy through our games. And we feel that now this goal is more important than ever before. We make all our adventures and stories open to everyone until April 30th.

Standing stone games

In Lord of the Rings Online, all quests, dungeons and battles will be available to everyone, regardless of the purchased add-ons. The curator, a trader in special items, will return to the game on March 26 and remain until April 30.

In addition, from March 26 to April 6, a special event will be held in the game, “Baggins’ Birthday” is an extraordinary event, for all fans of the universe “Lord of the rings“It is known that Frodo and Bilbo were born on September 22.

All dungeons and raids of Dungeons and Dragons Online, including paid ones, will be opened for everyone in the same way. The game will also hold a series of events and activate the experience bonus.

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