LocoRoco Remastered

The premise is very simple: the world is threatened by the Moja Corps, wicked and gelatinous alien creatures, and it is up to the equally gelato and round LocoRoco to save the situation.

Simple the narrative pretext, as simple requirements to play: with the backs you turn the earth to the left and right, thus rolling our protagonist, pressing them both instead LocoRoco jump to the release of the keys. Motion can also be made through the DualShock 4 motion sensors with a slight jolt to jump, but after the initial surprise effect, light input lag and low sensitivity will make you go back to the push of the buttons.

Also because LocoRoco Remastered , under a patina of caring and goodness, hides a soul quite unfair from a pure platform.LocoRoco’s levels are simple to accomplish, but as any good-looking fan of the genre knows, playing a platform means not to deepen it as it should.

Each stage is filled with collectible, secret passages, all of which are unlocked only to the accumulation of a certain number of LocoRoco, and alternate routes that require more than just a game to be discovered. In fact, in addition to rolling and jumping, LocoRoco can break down and recoil as you like with the circle button press.

The size and shape of our avatar is paramount. If in a patchy version (eating fruit for the map and accumulating LocoRoco) the blob is heavier and can break small walls, slip faster with its weight, hit enemies, and so much when it is decomposed into so many small globes can slip into tightest crevices, divide, and collect as quickly as collectibles in large areas, but are eaten by enemies in no time if left to themselves.

Physics, in short, is the founding element of LocoRoco Remastered levels , and thanks to this it is possible to overcome the many situations proposed in the game, the result of a really high level design. It is difficult to find two situations that are exactly the same in LocoRoco, and this, coupled with immense rewritability, makes this title a platform from which it is difficult to break away. Nice and nice Play LocoRoco Remastered

LocoRoco Remastered

, at this historic moment of the market, is unexpectedly fulfilling from the funniest main screen. First of all for aesthetics, a real breath of fresh air in 2006 and even more today.

The graphic sector can be colorful, cute and childish, but also obscure and shaky in the most dull and tight levels. The soundtrack, likewise, is delightful. The musical accompaniment of the game is made up of tremendously catchy themes ranging from pop to new age, relaxed and rhythmic when needed, which are often hummed by LocoRoco as they are dropped from one side to the other.

The perfect platform size is achieved when they are able to be produced for multiple types of players, and LocoRoco achieves it fully.You can play quietly going ahead for the levels, enjoying the many gameplay solutions, the most fun moments between glimpses and incredible serpentines, fast bounces and colorful scenarios. Or you can bore the soul by searching for every collectable, trying to discover and reach every secret pertinence and practicing virtuous stunts to get the timing needed to reach a portion of the map that we initially believed unattainable.