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 Killing floor 2 review

It is an important and delicate debut, that of  killing floor 2 ps4. The multiplayer based shooter of Tripwire Interactive boasts in fact a certain following on PC, thanks above all to the success of the first episode, but it is the same as an absolute debut on console, where the competition is very strong and the users appear less accustomed to independent productions of this kind. We proceed however with order.


Set in a world devastated by an invasion of living dead, the game puts us in the shoes of a survivor determined to counter the advance of the zombies in the streets of Paris.In team with five other users, in the main mode our goal will be to survive a variable number of waves (from four to ten) and finally face a fearsome final boss. Will we be able to defeat him?

Killing Floor 2 is a solid and fun multiplayer shooter with lots of different weapons and enemies

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The structure of Killing Floor 2 has not changed compared to the beta , although from the main screen you can now also access a single player mode with few waves and fewer enemies.

No companion controlled by artificial intelligence as in Left 4 Dead,therefore, for an offer that inevitably appears less attractive than the online sector and which could hardly convince the purchase of those who do not have an internet connection and therefore focuses on the experiences in single.

Liquid floor

So we come to the fulcrum of production killing floor 2 forums, the Survival mode, which puts us in a team composed of up to six elements within a map selected from a range of twelve different scenarios: Paris in flames, Laboratory Biotics, Outpost, Residence Volter , Catacombs, Evacuation Point, Farm, Black Forest, Prison, Containment Station, Hostile Terrain, and Infernal Kingdom.


The locations offer a good variety, alternating very different and interesting situations: we go from urban corners with lots of abandoned shopping centers to areas completely open like the forests, passing through the infernal places from which the Zed seem to come, the undead to be eliminated. At the end of each stage you have to face a boss between the two currently present,


Dr. Hans Volter and the Patriarch: the first is a German scientist half zombie and half machine, equipped with many weapons for ranged attacks, while the second is a former manager turned into a huge and powerful creature.


Needless to say, the partnership is the key to success and isolating from the group never leads to good results, however in this sense the Shooter of Tripwire Interactive distances itself from the aforementioned Left 4 Dead,


The maps of the killing floor 2 are very large, and although there is no plot to support the progression, the game succeeds in showing them in their entirety using the expedient of the shops that are activated between a wave and the other , and that allow you to spend the money earned to restore your equipment or modify it by buying new weapons.

 Killing floor 2 release date

Release date

Microsoft Windows:
April 21, 2015  (early access)
November 18, 2016(release)
 killing floor 2 ps4: 
November 18, 2016
 Killing floor 2 xbox one: 
August 29, 2017