Like a Dragon, Kiryu Kazuma will have four battle styles – review

A little more than a week left before the Japanese release Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Sega decided to talk more about the legendary gangsters who will return to the game from the previous parts of the series. This is Goro Majima, his named brother Taiga Saejima, as well as former protagonist Kiryu Kazuma.

For reasons unknown for now, they will all be fighting adversaries of Itiban Kasuga and his friends. Defeating them will not be so easy, because everyone has their own special fighting style. And it will be easier to resist the legendary yakuza to those who already know what they are capable of.

Taega Saejima, nicknamed “18 rounds,” is the former head of the Saejima family. He spent 25 years in prison, and this time he spent on the growth of his military power. Taiga hits infrequently and not quickly, but his every blow is capable of knocking down a bull, and smaller opponents fly away altogether.

Goro Majima, once known as the “Lord of the Night,” later became known as “Shimano’s Crazy Dog.” He is extremely cruel and incredibly dangerous, primarily due to his unpredictability. This also manifests itself in battle: Goro quickly attacks with both a blade and legs, and is able to paralyze the enemy.

When the named brothers fight together, under certain conditions Goro and Taiga make a joint and extremely dangerous attack by Goujin Gousatsu, the “Killing Blade”. She cannot be avoided or evaded.

The fourth chairman of the Tojo clan, Kiryu Kazuma, nicknamed the “Dragon of the Dojima”, was declared dead in 2016. This, as we see, did not bother him. Kiryu is Kasuga’s most dangerous opponent. In battle, he uses four styles, switching between them. If you do not take into account the current style, it is easy to run into a response attack.

  • Brawler – The usual fighting style with simple punches and kicks.
  • Rush – A style characterized by quick attacks and clever evasions. Some style skills can disable an adversary.
  • Breaker – A powerful style with sweeping attacks and the use of heavy weapons and improvised items.
  • Dragon dojima“Is the quintessence of Kazuma’s abilities. Switching to it, Kiryu can use secret techniques like parry, reflection, and Tiger Cast.

Japanese players will be able to return to Kamurotyo on January 16th. Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s western release date has not yet been announced.