LEGO Worlds

And with the Minecraft game little that binds at least in the Scene mode. In fact, the LEGO Worlds – a mixture of Dragon Quest Builders and … No Man’s Sky .

But do not just bet on the game Cross – from the creation of Hello Games is just the best elements, namely procedural generation of planets and flights from one location to another. Although the levels there is not such a huge – it’s small worlds, differing vegetation, landscape and inhabitants.

The protagonist, managing funny spaceship, visits at the beginning of the passage of its first world – the “Pirate Bay”. There, the players are familiar with the basics of LEGO Worlds

Or rather, it serves unpretentious orders for gold blocks that are used to improve the ship. When the desired number of units collected, the character gets a boost, and the ship can reach the outskirts located further away planets. Approximately the same structure was in No Man’s Sky , but here it is more than clear and requires more labor.

The main item in the inventory of the future master-builder (that is the title of a hero gets in the final) – explorer tool. With it, you can study almost all the objects and make in his encyclopedia that then, if necessary, at any time to create them. Models being, vehicles, buildings – all this is recorded and is available on every planet. Even the appearance of people almost nothing prevents the copy to the album, then to change into a gangster suit the traveler or the gingerbread man.

But these guises are available only in those cases when the player performs the tasks of a particular person. Someone asked to take his picture on the background of the building, someone’s house is destroyed and in need of repair, and some would like to see more animals around him. Sometimes people need a building, where the figure of the hero is not – in these cases, you can either search for the object at the same location (half the time, he just have somewhere close), or give it up and find a job easier.

And that’s the beauty LEGO Worlds– here nobody makes you do something that takes a long time or get bored quickly. In any chosen world of possibilities for gold blocks a lot: there are hidden deep underground trunks, have a basic setting, there is a multi-step instructions.

Tired to look for green frogs, there is no way to build a van for the rest – turn around, walk away, looking for other entertainment and succeed.

If you are around do not have vehicles, you can ride a pig, or a crocodile.

Even in terms of the limitations of management is not enough. A character trained double jump and can climb on any surfaces, even trees.

This saves in situations where a treasure chest buried very deeply or we need to get on a huge statue. In Minecraft would have to build stairs and spend a few minutes wasted – there’s nothing like it has to do. The above-mentioned boxes, by the way, not to be missed – it will be possible to find not only blocks, but also weapons, musical instruments, jewelry, and other useful things.

The only thing that slightly upset in these worlds – is issued by the similarity of their citizens jobs. Wherever you are, there appear a guy who was stuck on a small island and needs help. The same happens with the creation of various objects – they just need to put, because someone felt like it.

There is no plot, and the orders are usually issued in one sentence, so that a variety of side quests what some mini-stories creators failed.