LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Something familiar

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens nearly the same as all the events shown in the film – players will see the same characters in the same situations, and all the plot twists will be known to them in advance. Visit will Jacchia, the Resistance base and other locations, and manage users Han Solo, Finn According Demeronom and even a couple of hundred characters. Some episodes, unfortunately, to carry the game did not – otherwise rated “All” to get developers would not have succeeded. But even without them, the passage will take more than one or two nights.

One of the features of The Force Awakens become more levels – a link between the sixth and seventh episodes of the saga. The creators worked on them together with LucasfilmSo they can be considered canonical. For fans of “Star Wars” is difficult to come up with a better gift, but to get access to these missions are not so simple – it is necessary to collect at all levels of the golden blocks, and they, as it usually happens in the LEGO , very much.

Games Traveller’s Taleshas long been created using the same template and remained virtually unchanged, and for some it will not be a disadvantage. But if you put one day to go before the goal of everything that the developers have made over the last ten years, it is very fast ostocherteet. The player gets to the location, splits all items around, collects local currency, looking for secrets, sometimes with someone fights … differ only decorations, and saves the corporate humor, without which history would be much duller.

У каждого героя есть достоинства и недостатки — R-3PO, к примеру, не умеет прыгать.

But in the case of The Force Awakens authors nevertheless decided to add a few unique features. For example, periodically Hero plant for the shelter and are forced to shoot from the opponents. Only at certain moments included a shootout – the most to be in such a situation is impossible. The player can move the crosshairs where he wants, so put “headshots” and shoot the exploding barrels is not obstructed. Initially, these episodes seem spectacular, but as soon as you realize that there is no punishment for the injury or death is not, it becomes quite boring to participate in them.

Another innovation associated with buildings from LEGO fragments. As you know, in past games remaining after the destruction of one or two objects of debris could build something new and more useful. ATThe Force Awakens also allow to build not one, but two or three things. Therefore, some puzzles are forcing the player to collect something, use it to destroy and build again and repeat the process for as long as the way is opened further. The idea is interesting, especially due to the fact that the creation of various objects allows you to get to the secrets and hidden LEGO blocks, and therefore to explore the world becomes more fun.

Animated fantasy

The rest is nothing unusual in The Force Awakensno. Before starting the next story mission, you can walk along great locations, break objects, and run already completed chapters in free mode. With access to most of the characters, the player can anyone go anywhere, to interact with objects, which previously had to miss due to the lack of heroes. In general, even after the final credits, as well as in all such games, the situation here is enough for a few nights.

In combat, you can not only fight, but also to shoot; that hero to do, he decides for himself.

Disappointing that still Traveller’s Tales refuses to add to their creations online co-op. But the co-flow on one screen in the “Star Wars” works fine – here together travel heroes with unique abilities. In one mission, for example, mates are Ray and BB-8: first – dexterous and able to fight, and the second is able to break terminals and charging electricity different objects. Although society is not perfect (and sometimes the second player has to stand around and wait until the first has finished his business), of The Awakens the Force is one of the best games for playing together on a couch.