LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force is the latest installment of TT Games, a company that has managed to find a vein for young and not so small with the endless licenses that have managed to explode through the LEGO video games.



The format of this series, in addition, seems to return home since it was with the original trilogy when this type of games became popular.


With LEGO Batman 2 he took a step forward offering the concept of open world to all the titles that appeared a posteriori, and they were polishing


mechanics until reaching the high point with games like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The new installment focuses on what happened in the new movie of the Star Wars saga, and offers much of what we already know, some new features and the same sense of humor that makes the house.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify from what point of view these games have to be taken. For many, designed for the youngest of the house or, in any case, to share experience with the elderly. But it is true that licenses as powerful as Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings,


Star Wars or Marvel make us many who show interest in the formula of TT Games. And is not for less. If these adventures have anything, and this is repeated in the game we are dealing with, it is an amazing loyalty to the original work – always with the


LEGO concept present, naturally – and a humor that makes smiles almost unintentionally smirk. The Power of the Force maintains these signs of identity,

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (360) Screenshot

The humor lends itself very much to the characters in the film starring Finn and Rey. In the end, the film itself shows us some protagonists who, after all, are novices in all this of the Force and the great battles that are fought in this universe. Seeing Finn as a


clumsy soldier while in Jakku or Kylo with his lightsaber running out of battery when going to attack an enemy is just a small sample of everything we’re


going to see. They are narrated events that we have already seen in the film, and it is very faithful with plans, exact phrases and concrete situations, but there are also several licenses made in LEGO that are worth enjoying

But the most important thing is what it provides as a videogame, and here we have several points to consider. It is a LEGO with all the good and bad that


can be extracted from such a truism, and that is transmitted from the start. We will progress through more or less linear scenarios while we finish with enemies, we collect pieces of all kinds, we look for collectibles


to bore and we overcome small puzzles until we reach the end. It is almost impossible to die, and once we have finished the turn level it opens to play


in free mode, something that is interesting because we will need some specific characters to be able to access several points on the map that are not available from the start.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (360) Screenshot

The cast of characters does not miss the opportunity to control the main protagonists of the seventh film, such as Poe, Fynn, Rey, BB-8, Han Solo, Chewaka, some ewok … Each one has their own abilities, although most of them they divide into those


that can shoot at a medium distance – and strike strongly melee – and those that fight with laser swords or other contraptions to fight close up.


Others, such as BB-8 or the robots that we find in certain parts of the Empire, only have contextual functions to activate devices. Poe is able to


stretch objects with a kind of hook, while Cheewaka can remove certain objects that require brute force and the ewoks pass through tiny doors where no one else can fit.