Lego Marvel Super Heroes

The virtual adventures in Lego format have become a constant in this generation of consoles. It has been the moment in which the games that used characters and structures of the famous factory of toys for children has been definitively consolidated, achieving levels of success far superior to those that one could come to imagine when they began to show remarkable things with the


Lego Star Wars. Under this prism, it is important to highlight the evolution of the franchise until the recent Lego Marvel Super Heroes, the last title of Traveler Such to date that manages to unite the best of their work with a character template simply unmatched.


The best Legoto date, something that we are getting used to saying every time a new delivery arrives, and an essential for Marvel lovers.

With the Star Wars trilogy surely the franchise was consolidated as a more than remarkable proposal in a style of play for all audiences, ideal for the little ones of the house but with interesting elements for any type of player. Subsequently, several new brands were arriving – from Indiana Jones to Harry Potter– but it was with Lego Batman 2 when the possibilities of


the saga grew exponentially. It was a delivery that broke with some of the rules that had been seen so far and opened the world for the first time: a large mapping in which to go to find missions and do some extra things. This was the great step of the adventure that would


star Batman, Superman, Robin and many others. Something that later was known to maintain and that now is offered in a way that more interesting in this Marvel Super Heroes.

The mixture of heroes will make us have very curious teams.
The mixture of heroes will make us have very curious teams.

When this new installment was announced, expectations rose like foam. After playing many interesting keys and exploiting a universe like DC , the simple possibility of repeating formula with Marvel, which surely has a more charismatic staff in general terms, made us look forward to the new Lego. At the moment of truth, the truth is that the work done in question is not only the


best Lego we’ve seen to date, but also one of the most interesting games with Marvel license that we remember in a long time. More than a hundred characters between heroes and villains fighting each other in a totally original story for the game is an unbeatable cover letter.


Although it is also true that as Lego that is, the title has many virtues and defects that are dragged from previous deliveries.

The story seems to be very simple. Nick Furia is behind a problem that can cause chaos throughout the world, and that is that the villains are working to get some materials (cosmic blocks) that seem to be keeping within themselves a great power that can make t


hem dominate the world . It is the goal of Doctor Death , who for this purpose tries to coordinate all kinds of enemies to collect most of this type of blocks to end peace and tranquility. From this simple premise, our goal will be to fulfill missions that allow abort the intentions of the villains, which are not few.