LEGO Jurassic World

This weekend the doors of the majestic Jurassic Park that we met in 1993 reopen in cinemas around the world and that this year presents with Jurassic World a much more up to date state of the art, technological and scientific, and fully recovered. How could it be otherwise, the

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

LEGO series did not want to miss the new superproduction of Colin Trevorrow and Universal , with a great video game of the same name that also

Rise of Incarnates

returns to the open format and review the history of the entire Jurassic saga, premiering the bricks of colors and the endless number of flat-headed dolls in the world of dinosaurs.

There are a lot of LEGO games that have already come out, maybe too much, reaching the end of the formula for many players. Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter have not been without their horny and toy interpretation. However, the immediate appeal of everything related to Jurassic Park makes anyone


nostalgic to really want to fully explore this new adventure of action, platforms, puzzles and devilish collection almost no matter what the nth LEGO.


Dinosaurs are always passionate for us and Warner Bros, editor, knows it. But for us to talk about an interesting and magnificent game as it is, I needed today more than new skins, environments and jokes, and the usual formula.

LEGO Jurassic Park (PC) screenshot

The sandbox scheme that we already saw in LEGO The Lord of the Rings or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes places our initial protagonists in a vast dual world full of missions that follow the story line of the classic trilogy or the new movie, things to do and divided into


areas with scenarios of the 4 feature films of the Jurassic saga. Having opted for this video game format is a first automatic success of TT Games, once again responsible for the development, and gets a perfect involvement of all situations equally, those of the new and those of the old movies.

The characteristic sense of humor does not take long to appear, with first references and burlesque interpretations of momentazos that every fan of Jurassic Park knows very well.


Dialogues also traced but have an irreverent point and surprise, situations that are turned around and, of course, an interpretation of everything as if the player who tries to emulate the scenes with their LEGO toys. That is to say, everything can be exploded and reassembled in a moment.


The pieces are the essence of everything. And that’s where the magic begins, once again, enlarged here as soon as we discover that we can also manage a good dinosaur cast ,


move freely in the original 4x4s throughout the park or have to amortize certain backtrackingif we want to clear 100% of all areas, we will want it since collecting is very incentivized.

LEGO Jurassic Park (PC) screenshot  LEGO Jurassic Park (PC) screenshot

Two parks, two adventures

A huge table of characters, objects, weapons, vehicles and dinosaurs to unlock quickly welcomes us. As well as the primitive landing of the helicopter in front of the waterfallthat now has two possible directions for us to enter our dolls recreations of the real actors:


Jurassic Park or Jurassic World. Choosing the new park or the classic park is a ridiculous question because at any moment we can change from one adventure to another, they are connected and they let us speak – clearly – of a two games in one . Everyone on their island.

The masterful and exciting original soundtrack by John Williams is already on the start menu, but the great news is that he will be with us throughout the game. However, there are not too many music tracks incorporated and what seemed impossible comes a


bit to occur, the most famous scores of the first film are abused and eventually exhaust. Unthinkable. The truth is that the sound, removing this, is a


marvel, again with actors of dubbing in Castilian of great caliber generally, with the roars of the dinosaurs nailing those of the tapes or with a range of effects of audio truly impressive and that look for maximum fidelity to represent the best moments.