Lego Dimensions

We’ve got to try some of the expansions, but especially the already mentioned of Fantastic Animals and Where To Find It, which is the Main Story Pack this Christmas, dressed as Newt Scamander. For those who do not know, we are in front of the first spin-off of the Harry Potter saga, which takes us into a prequel with a very encyclopedic background, giving birth to a L


ondon magician visiting New York with a suitcase containing strange animals. In Newt’s, made in Lego format on the look of Eddie Redmayne, the Anglo-Saxon actor who gives life to the disgraced star, we will also have a new portal to mount from ours, which differs from the very sci-fi of the initial pack and is lends itself to something much more fantasy, with inlaid gold doo


rs and even two hoists to use at mo ‘ which will lead you to recreate the Magical Congress of the United States of America, the MACUSA; with this new construction there will also be Niffler, an annoying ornithine that in the film can combine so many troubles a


s he will combine in the video game counterpart. Clearly with the humor that has always distinguished the Lego productions, Fantastic Animals and Where To Find them, they can offer some more narrative than the movie, thanks to the necessary video-contestualization; it will also be possible to see how Newt, as a wizard, possesses many different abilities, includi


ng the ability to become bigger or to see diminishing one’s body up to the size of a mousetrap, in order to be able to slip into anfratti that will give birth to numerous other environmental puzzles, to always ride with you the Nomag – or gloom, if you prefer – Jacob Kow


alski. Confirming then how good we had said of the Toy Pad portal in the full game, even with Fantastic Animals and Where To Find It, it will be possible to exploit the areas that will be coloring the same to exploit its displacement. But it does not end there, because Scamander, as a real magician, will also have the chance to invoke some of his bea


sts, not just Niffler, which will have to be built with in-game instructions and not with those paperwork but also other fantastic animals . The experience is also enhanced by the availability of Fun Pack with (Porpen) Tina Goldstein, which allows you to also have a second human character to play inside the Story Pack, alongside also the Velenottero,

Lego Dimensions

… Sonic Boom? 
After the brace, definitely big, with Scamander, Lego Dimensionsalso makes good come back to Sonic. The blue hobo, mascot of Sega’s many glory days and happy adventure companion with Mega Drive and Dreamcast, lives a rather unhappy period of his videogame existence, where Boom iteration, between cartoon and matching tie- up Nintendo 3DS, is not giving enough satisfaction


to its history and tradition. With its Lego version, however, you can definitely go back to tell it, thanks to Traveler’s Tale who has been able to put his hands on the brand to turn it into Dimensions, ensuring a return to the origins, having already worked as

a team, with related products to the Sonic brand. Of course we are not in front of a Story Pack, so we will not have the portal with us or even a game in itself, but a Level Pack, then a level that will be entirely devoted and thought to the w


orld of blue horn. In the box, in addition to the protagonist, there will be a car and a plane, means of transport that leave the time they find in front of the roaring and lightning speed of the porcupine but clearly give room for the building to all the enthusiasts of t


he bricks. Because it is also why we are here. The level itself and for itself, for the first time, seems to want to sneak younger video game players and wrinkle the eye more than full of those who have already touched the thirty, because Sonic returns to the Green Hill Zone, re-launching music and settings that were typical of the golden times cited ea


rlier. The three dimensions seem to want to recall a sort of remake of what Sonic was doing, with all the characters in the case ready to go back to your eyes, from Dr. Eggman to Tails. Beyond clearly the level, which in itself does not last long, you will have the gaming hub, custom of all Level Packs, which will allow you to have an explorable space completely with secrets and even bricks to collect as it did, moreover, for The Lord of the Rings thanks to Gandalf, present in the Starter Pack last September.

Lego Dimensions