LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

In Beyond Gotham writers went beyond the traditional history and pushed in one game two huge universes – Gotham’s classic characters and superheroes “Justice League.”

The plot is not directly related to any komiksovoy series. It’s more like an incubator, which put Batman, Robin, Joker, Wonder Woman, Superman and others, pushed them and look what happens.

It turned out well: the heroes in twos, threes are fighting with each other, constantly arguing and threatening to blow up Earth – just doing the usual superhero business.

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Base on which is built the game remained the same. There is a cubic world, living by its own laws cubic. If lying on the ground bouncing pieces of the designer – so they can be put together and turn it into a weapon. If something is highlighted in gold / silver / blue – then it can be destroyed using one of the super-hero’s abilities.

Each character they own, though some ability to intersect and are found in the arsenal of several heroes. This is due to the fact that the ability to LEGO Batman 3: of Beyond the Gotham  – it actually suits.

For example, Batman has a suit-sonar, with which you can break the glass. Space suit allows him to fly, and in demolition suit, he can throw bombs at enemies or blow silver blocks LEGO.

Robin has a suit cleaner, through which he could crawl on toxic premises and Alfred armed with a tray, not afraid of fire. On the possession and use of the features and suits the game is built.

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The problem is that by the third chapter, it becomes clear to the principle of operation of all the costumes, and the mysteries disappear. You are no longer scratching their heads, trying to find a way to sneak into another room or go moat filled with acid.

Developers carefully marked with different colors all the key objects in the level, and when you come to them – there is an icon with the image of the costume, which you need to run another mechanism. And even choose from a list of suit is not necessary: ​​one push of a button – and you’ve “changed”.

Light coding and automatic hints kill every “call” – you just do from mission to mission about the same thing: to solve two-three puzzles are using five or seven suits in sequence, meet with the boss – you watch the final movie – go further.

But it also opens an important feature of the game: Beyond Gotham is not ashamed to give to children. I just created a dilemma: what game to give 12-year-old nephew’s birthday. And suddenly it turned out that in recent times nothing suitable child does not go at all.

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Play only geympade

I for some reason tried to play Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham on the keyboard. Do not repeat my mistake. This bitter nightmare, which I have not seen since … No, I do not see this! So if you want to get the game fun, connect any available gamepad home.

This is the only way to exit the game without going to the end and the first mission. Reduce the overall assessment for that I did not, but to emphasize that if the “religious” views do not allow you to discredit your computer is connected gamepad, then Beyond Gotham – the game is not for you. Consider this an official warning.

But this does not mean that an adult Lego Batman 3 is not appropriate. Beyond Gotham – it’s like going to a Thai massage parlor.

You forty minutes expertly kneaded the skin, then put on the spine hot stones, then rub some oil, pour hot water and brewed the roots of plants with unpronounceable names, they are treated to a nasty, but supposedly healing tea, and after four or five hours and minus 15 000 rubles seen off in the gray frosty Moscow.

And it seems as if time and money were wasted – the first “farting” a passing truck will return to reality. But you remember what those three hours of absolute happiness in your life are. Just Beyond Gotham – this game is not about the test and about contemplation. Although the tenth mission, to be honest, I’m fed up with it.