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Ubisoft announced that multiplayer Watch Dogs: Legion will appear already on March 9 – it was originally planned to implement it in early December.

Despite the postponement, some of the content promised at the launch will still not be completed in time – first of all, the proprietary for the series “Invasions“, When one player is sent to the world of another, after which one of them will have to die. It is planned to be added later.

And on March 9, if the premiere is not rescheduled again due to flaws, the following will be available:

  • 5 cooperative tasks for four
  • Non-trivial raid in a new location
  • A competitive mode, where players in the role of spiderbots fight against each other – the media notes that it resembles Quake, but it is unlikely that the mode will become long-playing.

There will also be some content for singles:

  • Assignments“- tasks for 5-8 minutes, where you have to free the hostage, sabotage software or destroy the source of propaganda. They can be replayed, and at launch there will be 9 such missions.
  • Events in the city“- temporary tests that dynamically appear in the city. Something like Destiny events.

The update is free for all game owners, and journalists have already been given a try. They treat innovations with cautious optimism, since the developers allegedly deliberately ignore the key features of the “Legion” in favor of much more basic tasks.

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