“Legendary Race” started in Fallout 76 – the first season has opened – review

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Not so long ago Bethesda told that she is preparing for an online survival Fallout 76 system of seasons. And now all owners of the game can meet her. The first season of Fallout 76, which was called “Legendary Race”, started.
With the release of update 20, players got the opportunity to complete special missions and earn points S.C.O.R.E .. As the level grows, new rewards open up: unique cosmetic items, game currency and much more. The first season will last ten weeks.

Another important innovation was the system of public teams, which will make it easier for players to find a group and will give special bonuses for certain classes. In addition, on maps you can now see animated associates’ tags and the Provider icon.

Bethesda also fixed a huge number of errors related, in particular, to stuck characters and game stability.

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