Legendary Japanese artist Kentaro Miura, author of the manga “Berserk”, has passed away

Legendary Japanese artist Kentaro Miura, best known as the author of the cult manga “Berserk“(Berserk), died at the age 54 years

Mangaka passed away yet the 6th of May, however, information about his death was officially released only now – it was confirmed by the editorial staff of the magazine Young animal, where was published “Berserk“It is clarified that the cause of Kentaro Miura’s death was aortic rupture.

Kentaro Miura was born June 11, 1966 in a japanese city Chiba… Already at the age of ten, Miura was actively drawing – first for friends, and then for school publications. By the age of 18, Miura became an assistant Joji Morikawahelping him with his sports manga “First step“.

In 1988 Kentaro Miure after several separate projects, the first prototype chapter of a comic book about a one-eyed warrior with a giant sword was published. A year later, this work evolved into the manga, today known as “Berserk“which Miura eventually dedicated to thirty years own life.

Plot “Berserker“talks about the spiritual, existential and literal journey of the inhuman mighty war Gutsa… Having gone through a difficult childhood, the hero earns from an early age as mercenary, each time fighting without fear for his life. Once a will of chance brings Guts to a charismatic and incredibly ambitious young man. Griffithdreaming of building their own kingdom. This decisive encounter forever changes the fate of Guts, who later abandons his humanity almost entirely in an attempt to kill Griffith, the only person he could consider to be his friend.

Total was published Chapter 363Berserker“, and 40 completed volumes. The manga also received three separate film adaptations – the cult series from 1997, the trilogy of full-length animated films “Golden age“and two anime seasons in 2016-2017.

In addition, according to “Berserker“there were three full-fledged game adaptations – Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage 1999 for console Sega dreamcast, Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō 2004 for console Playstation 2as well as muso-action Berserk and the Band of the Hawkwhich went on sale in 2017 on consoles Playstation and PC

Cultural Impact “Berserker“goes far beyond the boundaries of the world of Japanese manga and anime. For example, artistic images invented by Kentaro Miurorafound multiple reflections in studio work FromSoftware, namely the games of the line Dark souls