League of Legends – guide for the novice Meader

The middle line in the game League of Legends is the most important for one simple reason – it takes place on the shortest path from the base of the Union to the opponent’s base.

A player standing in this line, there are two opposing but related purposes: to protect your tower and base and break the enemy. These goals do not change from game to game, in contrast to the ways of achieving them.

In League of Legends at the time of this article there are nearly 140 characters, and a good half of them (with varying success) can stand on the middle line. They are all, of course, different, but many of them combine their classes, giving an idea of what this or that character does best.


The most frequent and numerous guests at the midline – mages. Specificity of magicians in League of Legends is that they need to buy items that give magical powers. These items give a damage increase to their skills and allow you to literally annihilate his opponents from the field. Magee – a concept too broad and comprehensive, so they are divided into subclasses.

One of them – magicians demolition (Nukers). Their main advantage lies in the vast amount of damage that they can issue instantly. The initial stage of the game is given to them is quite difficult, so as to achieve the right to “remove” the enemy of conditions with the card they need a considerable amount of gold. The most important factor in the game for the mage demolition is an understanding of its power.

You need to learn to understand, when you are able to kill the enemy, and when to hold off on an attempt to wait. The main peaks of your forces fall on the completion of the first subject and the ability to obtain an ultimatum. At these moments, you have to try to kill the enemy, and then you get a big advantage.

Then kill the enemy will become much easier, and every nuker Fraga becoming stronger and more dangerous – it is called the effect “snow ball” ( Snowball). We must try not to die, to not lose this effect.

The main problem, demolition magicians – they are virtually useless after using all their skills and skill kickbacks are quite significant. Therefore it is very important the correct choice of targets: the priority of the arrows ( ADC ) or a support dangerous. And do not even think prozhimat all the buttons in the tank.

Signed by representatives of the Division – Annie syndrome Veygar, Ari and Victor.
League of Legends - guide for the novice MeaderLeague of Legends – guide for the novice Meader

Another subclass of magicians – battlemages. In contrast to the demolition, they are not able to kill the enemy in a split second – their one-time damage is considerably lower. Instead, they cause damage Duration: from meager skills kickbacks, which allows them a long time to be in the thick of things. Also advantage battlemages is damage to the area.

This, coupled with the ability to continuously apply their skills makes them a great team of fighters. Where magicians Squad should be carefully choose the target, combat mages nonstop thrash area, touching as tanks, and those who hide behind them.

This, being a clear advantage is also their weakness – is banal not have enough damage. Team fights are not always tightened sufficiently to allow the combat mages show itself in all its glory.

Signed by representatives of this subclass – Carthus, Rise, Cassiopeia, and Vladimir Malzahar.
League of Legends - guide for the novice MeaderLeague of Legends – guide for the novice Meader

The last subclass magicians are magicians-gunners . As is easily understood from the title, their main feature is to carry the fight on huge distances.

The best use of their skills was at the time of the siege of the enemy buildings and the base – they can cause serious damage to the enemy, without any opportunity to respond counteractions. Is quite high and their benefits in team battles, but then a lot depends on the quality and the initiation of a skilled gunner position, otherwise the cons character can lick it.

The main problem of artillerymen magicians – though the absence of any mobility, as well as their fragility. Before them difficult to reach, but if the enemy succeeds, with great probability it ends sadly for the magician.

Signed by representatives of this subclass – Zerat, Vel’Koz, Ziggs and Suite.


A related class of mages are manipulators , which are a subclass invaders (previously – control mages). Interventionists specialize in control of entire areas on the map. Their skills, they are able to create a favorable position to fight its allies or to monitor, catch and disrupt the enemy.

Interventionists important to have allies who can contribute to the disclosure of their strengths – to collect rivals together for a devastating attack zone, or cause huge damage to immobilized invader enemies.

Signed by representatives of this subclass – Bay, Orianna, Azir, Morgan and Talia.
League of Legends - guide for the novice MeaderLeague of Legends – guide for the novice Meader


In addition to the magicians, the middle line is a favorite fighter . Fighters – is typical of assassins and murderers of video games. Their main goal – as it is possible to attack a victim quickly and kill it before it has time to blink. In the ranks of fighters includes characters that cause physical, magical and even hybrid damage.

The fighters are divided into two subclasses – killer and duelists .

The killers– the quintessential Assassins. Mobility, great speed of movement on the map, teleportation abilities, jumps, and, most importantly, the horrific damage to one target. The killers are the main enemies of fragile archers and mages – they are masters of fragile punish enemies for incorrect positioning or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For all its storm, stay on the line and farm minions they can be difficult, since the vast majority of the killers – the characters melee, and many mages fairly easy to punish them for trying to earn more gold. However, everything changes when the killers get ultimatum ability – with it they become a constant threat of death. Assassin, having a pair of murders is almost the most powerful character in the early and middle stages of the game. But the killers hard to win matches alone, so a good idea is to spread its benefits to other lines. Before you go down to the bottom line and kill unsuspecting arrow and tech support worth Skipped (quickly kill all enemy minions in order to union began to besiege enemy tower) to their line so as not to lose the precious farm and experience.

Killers – professionals guerrilla tactics; in open combat, they are of little use. In the later stages of the game their main goal – to create a numerical advantage by the sudden murder of a fragile rivals. If the enemy is playing extremely vigilant, and he focused on the team battle, the assassin falls hard. He can not just go and attack the enemy, surrounded by allies, because he would be killed as quickly as he did his goal. It is important to understand that the rivals are also people who will sooner or later make a mistake. It is better to wait for this moment, than make rash actions and compromise the victory in the game.

Signed by representatives of this subclass – Zed, Talon, LeBlanc, Fizz, Akali and Kassadin.
League of Legends - guide for the novice MeaderLeague of Legends – guide for the novice Meader

characters duelistsrarely can be seen on the center line, but some of them do go there. Killer attack and kill the priority objectives, principals also impose a fight everyone. They have explosive damage, but instead they have a way to reveal even the thickest of the tank – many of their skills allow DPS as a percentage of maximum health opponent, ignore armor or magic defense, or restore their health on damage. Their main goal – to divide the pressure points on an opponent. Duelists do not need to interact with the team, they have to push those lines, where there are no core team. This creates a dilemma for the enemy: to send someone to resist the duelists or take advantage of, and fight with the main team. The problem is,

Signed by representatives of this subclass, who go to the middle line – Yasuo and Ecco.
League of Legends - guide for the novice MeaderLeague of Legends – guide for the novice Meader

On the middle line can sometimes be seen, and representatives of other classes – frequent guests here are arrows Corky and Lucian , sorcerers Karma and Zilean , tank Galio , as well as representatives of the unique styles of play Kennen and Cho’Gat .

With all the pros and cons of a particular style of play, we should not forget about the individual strengths and weaknesses of your characters. Some of them are easy to operate, for others it takes a long time and train hard in order to achieve an acceptable level of skill.

The middle line – one of the most important and influencing the game positions, victory or defeat in her very strong influence on the final outcome of the match. If you liked any of the above styles of play, then go ahead and run the client League of Legends, click search game and get ready to conquer the peaks!