Last year, I was able to meet with one of the representatives of the «Go» line Square Enix – Hitman Go. And this familiarity, I was pleased. Although Lara Croft to me is much nicer bald assassin, mobile puzzle port Lara Croft Go to the “big” platform left a nasty aftertaste.

For the record, I want to emphasize that the Hitman Go, I passed on the PS4, and Lara Croft Go – on PS Vita.

What this game immediately attracts, as it looks. This is not just some sort of “like nastolki” thumbnail instead of the characters, there is: Lara Croft Go looks as a full Tomb Raider. Well, maybe that has to run on the cell, and when Lara is stopped, then the whole world around us dies with her. In this respect, nothing has changed.

As if distancing himself from the last restart of Tomb Raider (and its sequel), Square Enix calls all current apocryphal game universe

«Lara Croft and anything else.” So here we are given the opportunity to re-engage in hooliganism with the famous adventuress 90 – in a more or less classic suit and without Ohoven-sighs about innocent victims deer.

Review of Lara Croft Go

Well, let’s deer are not in principle, but each element of the local puzzle-locations have their own role. Snakes, for example, sit on the ground and bite anyone who gets in the cage in front of them. Some giant lizard will run for Lara as long as she is somehow not block them the way forward. Numerous levers and saws, getting out of the walls and floor – included.

And like all good – atmospheric, familiar, nice. But there are a number of nuances that will not let me put the puzzling adventure of Lara in a row with Hitman Go. Firstly, there is no minor task, instead we just collect hidden throughout the area jars (on PS Vita is done by touching the screen).

And therefore the passage became much more linear. Many (if not even all) of brainteasers there is only one way to solve. This is sad.

Review of Lara Croft Go

Secondly, PS Vita, without problems starts a lot more solid in terms of graphics, or the size of the locations of the game, a very long time to boot the local levels. Sometimes it slows down. What can I say? Inhibit even the final credits!

And the third, the most annoying moment – unresponsive management. This stick, which rejected “not quite there”, which is why you have to wait restart level (why so long something ?!). How many times have I died simply because Lara did not move to where she is my idea would be to move? Even count difficult. What number comes after infinity? Infinity plus one.

Review of Lara Croft Go

Special commands such as “push object” and “use the spear”, when at the same time you need to hold down the button to reject the stick to the side, you can also poporotit nerves. In general, so that’s clumsiness Lara very much in contrast to the study of this simple, but the idea – a nice game.

Classic sounds, classical animation (here seen with unusual angle) – once again jumping a circular saw, I thought it was much rather would have played on the PS Vita in the port of Tomb Raider Legend, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, or anything at all someday new, but it is moving close to the roots, and in fact, and execution. Hitman Go such sad thoughts I did not cause.


VerdiktV general, the game is certainly pretty, but PS Vita you will almost certainly annoy and enrage the performance of Lara Croft Go Control. And do not say that the game is long, but after the final credits, you are likely to breathe a sigh of relief and are unlikely to want to look into the opened optional chapter.