Langrisser I & II remake story trailer released – review

Company Nis america released a story trailer for a future remaster Langrisser i & ii. She timed the video to the imminent premiere of the updated edition of the first two parts of the series on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC.

Although the main emphasis in both games is on large-scale mass battles, they also have a plot story. And at first it was connected with Langrisser, the legendary sword that gave its owner unlimited power.

For centuries, Langrisser has been kept in the royal family of Baldea until the Kaiser Digos of the Dalsys Empire invaded and stole the sword. Now, Prince Ledin, with the help of his surviving mentor, must return the sword and avenge the death of his relatives.

Act Langrisser ii occurs centuries after the war for the sacred sword. The Kingdom of Baldea is wiped out, and only legends speak of Langrisser. Traveler Alvin and amateur magician Hein save a girl named Liana from the soldiers of the empire. But why are they looking for her?

The Langrisser I & II Collection will be released in Europe on March 13th.