Konami told how cross-play in eFootball will be built – Igromania

The other day Konami announced that instead of Pro Evolution Soccer will release a shareware simulator eFootball with paid add-ons – one of them will be the Master League mode. Now the company decided to answer some of the most common questions.

The players were worried about the fact that thanks to cross-play, the owners of PlayStation, Xbox and PC will have to meet with those who play on smartphones. However, the company has assured that there will be no “violent” lowering of the schedule in this case. Moreover, the game was originally made on the console, and only then ported to iOS and Android.

Players will be able to choose which platforms and regions they would like to face in matches. Konami plans to carefully work out all aspects of matchmaking, but there are many filters for players to customize.

The launch of Early Autumn will be sort of a demo. The company wants as many players as possible to get to know the game as soon as possible, so eFootball will be released with a limited number of teams and modes and no microtransactions. But content, including paid content, will be gradually added.

As for the footballers, in the games of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, their selection depended on the lottery. EFootball will change this approach, and the Match Pass system will help you get your favorite players. It will also be divided into paid and free and will be based on the number of matches played.

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