Konami is working on a monster game Solomon Program – review

Japanese monthly manga magazine CoroCoro Comic announced that the company Konami working on a game with a working title Solomon program. Company copyright designed in December 2019.

So far, the game has not been officially announced, neither its developer nor the supported platforms are known. Presumably it will be released on the Nintendo Switch: buttons A and B are visible in the magazine illustration, but the Xbox One console is not in special demand in Japan.

In the Solomon Program, players will tame battle monsters and fight with their help. The “roster” of future fighters is large and diverse, in style they resemble a series Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and Digimon. And the battles themselves take place as in strategic role-playing games.

According to CoroCoro Comic, a comic strip based on the Solomon Program is also planned. And in the next issue of the magazine, which will be released on January 17, they will publish a code for access to the demo version of the game.