Events unfold in 1970 in northern Canada, where in one of the snow-covered provincial towns (or rather, in the village) comes a private detective Carl Fobert – he was hired by the local rich, mine owner and hunting estate of Uilyam Gamilton to investigate a series of acts of vandalism, committed to the property entrepreneur.

Upon arrival at the meeting, Carl finds the corpse of his customer and soon finds out from a variety of notes and clippings from the local press that the Hamilton local did not like, was considered a fraud, and he was shortly before his death trying to contact the representatives of the security services in order to bring out into the “enemies democracy. ”

In this case, almost all the people have gone missing or turned into ice statues – if you touch him, Carl begins to see ghosts and strange scenes, repeating the events of the recent past.

Reconstruct them in the correct order, as it was of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter of , it is not necessary, but we must remember that doing the ghosts – it will help in solving puzzles and searching for the passage of important items.

Also found in the notes and diaries, you can learn about local traditions associated with the wolves, and the fact that some residents suffered nightmares. And yet from time to time we stumble upon some strange, unnatural blue blocks of ice. As a result, net production is fast becoming a detective mystery novel.

winter detective

Investigating these mysterious events, our detective most of the time moving by car or snowmobile from one deserted house to another, studying them, finds a new recording, photographing evidence. And periodically decides unpretentious puzzles, for example, to start the generator and raise the car in the garage or to pick up the code to the safe, focusing on the left within arm tips. A couple of times there are also more serious puzzles, but in general it is more atmospheric “simulator walk” than a quest.

Inventory is limited, but the items can be stored in the trunk of a car or snowmobile.

Have to walk a lot – in some places do not drive, so we’re running out of breath, the snow through the impenetrable blizzard and try not to get to the wolves eyes. We run because the cold can freeze Carl. And getting to the nearest house, where floods stove using firewood and matches.

In other places, for example in a pair of caves that have to visit the plot, bonfires – such lesions are part-time and save points.

In addition to body temperature, our hero is and the other seems to be important indicators – the level of health and stress. Last affects the accuracy when firing (as it passes we find a gun and a rifle and a couple of times meet with the wolves), as well as the running speed.

Health is maintained and restored kits and painkillers, and the stress we take off, lit a cigarette or drinking anything. And smoking reduces health simultaneously.

Accordingly, the game Carl collects various resources, ammunition and supplies. Some items, such as screws, hammer, crowbar, gas canisters, a magnet, we need to solve different puzzles – to build a makeshift bridge to repair snowmobile, get the key from the hole, and so on.

However, the survival of the elements introduced in the Kona «for a tick.” Supplies are always more than enough, even though some of them are not used.

The batteries in the flashlight did not sit down, wolves rarely attack, die with a single shot, and in fact the only serious dust-, able to ahead of time to send Charles to the hereafter happens to be in the final – kits need basically just there.