Kirkorov sent obscenities and shocked the Internet

The famous Russian pop singer Philip Kirkorov sent obscene spectators and netizens with obscene words and shocked the Internet with this.

The 52-year-old star on her Instagram page congratulated all of her fans on Happy New Year, and then came into conflict with them. According to, Philip Kirkorov posted a photo in which he was captured in a fashionable yellow suit and in black boots with a yellow sole. In the commentary on the photo, the artist left the following: “Start your year brightly! And I’m already preparing for you projects that 100% will leave a bright mark in life! ” Despite the festive words, then Philip Kirkorov sent a curse in three letters to one of the dissatisfied users.

Under the commentary of the singer, many negative comments appeared against Kirkorov himself, as well as against other pop Russian singers. One of the girls wrote the following: “God, how tired of everything. One and the same show: Kirkorov, Basque, Lorak, Lazarev, Bilan. As if there were no more talents. One and the same show, soon their children will loom constantly on television. They’ve got a clan already. ” Stormy discussion unfolded under this commentary, which was also caused by Philip Kirkorov himself. In response, he wrote the following: “I went to *** from here!”. Many users were shocked by such a comment by Kirkorov. “Tin, what a crude pepper,” one of the commentators wrote. “That’s all you can,” said the user, condemning Kirkorov’s mat.

According to, many users nevertheless rose to the defense of the most pop singer. Some suggested that those unhappy simply not watch TV or watch or listen to the songs of Philip Kirkorov, as well as other artists, if someone does not like them.