Killing monsters to the beat of music: BPM rhythm shooter announcement: Bullets Per Minute

Developers from the British studio Awe interactive announced a first-person rhythm shooter called BPM: Bullets Per Minute. In August, the game will be released on PC (Steam), and in the fall will look at the console. The creators have so far confirmed only the version for the Xbox One, but in conversation with the portal Gematsu mentioned negotiations with Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the release of the project on PS4.

According to the plot of the game, gamers will have to fight for the powerful Valkyries, who have to repel the invasion of otherworldly forces in the world of Asgard.

In BPM you need to shoot, jump and dodge enemies to the beat of the soundtrack, written in the style of a rock opera. Among the main features of the game, it is worth noting randomly generated dungeons, a powerful arsenal of weapons and various abilities that allow the main character to change the style of the game during the gameplay.

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