Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition

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It was in August 2013 when Goichi Suda , one of the most alternative Japanese designers integrated into the star system of the video game premiered Killer is Dead, his new proposal by the hand of Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games .


Deep Silver, a western editor who takes the Japanese artist by hand to these lands, is now encouraged by the release of a PC version subtitled Nightmare Edition and marketed through the Steam platform at a reduced price (19.99 euros) .


In his day we already told you in depth what this proposal of Suda51 hides with this analysis . Now let’s review the main additions that the computer edition brings.

The news that brings this edition of the game for PC are several. The first, the logical impulse in its technical deployment, which maintains the traditional style of animation brand of the


house Suda51 and is enlarged with the additional power of the compatible. It is not that his visual finish is transformed in this revision with respect to the consoles as it happens in other releases (runs at 30 FPS), but of an engine that by its peculiarities enters through the eyes when you play it on PC.


The downloadable console extras have also been added, including the “Smooth Operator” pack, which provides extras for Mondo (sunglasses, additional costumes and an extra mission) and was already in consoles with his reservation. The most attractive addition is the “Nightmare” difficulty mode, which requires more effort on the part of the player in the fighting.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition (PC) screenshot

And is that in this new mode of difficulty enemies can only be killed with specific Mondoattacks (shots in the head, Adrenaline and Dodge hits) and no coup de grace by QTE, so we must adjust the time of our blows in a much more efficient way to clean the stage. It is an addition that aims to combat the classic gameplay of maporrear buttons that had a presence in the original game.


It is an addition for demanding players and advanced in the genre of action, and although it is not the end in terms of extras, it does provide an additional


value with respect to the edition in consoles. The control of Killer is Dead on PC has been adapted to the keyboard and mouse, but command compatibility is maintained, which is the recommended option for a title like this. The Theater Mode has also been incorporated, centered on the scenes of the game.

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition (PC) screenshotKiller is Dead: Nightmare Edition (PC) screenshotKiller is Dead: Nightmare Edition (PC) Illustration

The rest of the content provided by this Nightmare Edition is symmetrical to what could be seen in consoles. As we say, we once again control Mondo


Zappa along fundamentally linear scenarios in which we advance with the classic formula of exterminating all enemies before moving on to the next section. In this sense, this is a classic action game with a common formula in sight in other titles of Suda51 (No More Heroes, to give an example). The protagonist carries a katana and a


bionic arm, two elements sufficient to give variety to the combats – again, within the style of the author-. In addition to the plot missions offered by the murder agency Bryan Execution Film, we have additional challenges of murder and flirting with the Modo Gigolo, which features girls from the house.