“Killer” Battlefield 5 for Steam is offered for free

All PC players were offered free access to a realistic first-person military shooter called Post scriptumwhose events take place in the era of World War II as in Battlefield v.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the developers of the studio Post Scriptum shooter Periscope games invited all players to play their game in the Steam game service on PC for free. The offer is limited in time, but is already available to all users of Steam. In order to play Post Scriptum, you just need to go to the page with the game on Steam, and click the “Play for Free” button. After that, you can start downloading game files to your PC.

The new offer to play Post Scriptum for free is valid only a few days, and will end on January 13, so players should not miss a new opportunity. Publisher company Post Scriptum game itself Offworld industries Released in 2018, and since the release has received many major updates. During the new promotion, the Post Scriptum military shooter can also be purchased at a discounted price on Steam.

Events of the game Post Scriptum, as in the popular shooter Battlefield 5 from Dice occur in the era of World War II, and the authors themselves sought to recreate an authentic and reliable gaming experience with a high degree of historical accuracy and the scale of the battles. According to Gamebomb.ru, at the moment Post Scriptum has mostly positive reviews from more than 5 thousand players in Steam.