Kill the Pigmen: Gearbox chief takes advantage of US riots to advertise Duke Nukem 3D

Apparently, the head of the studio Gearbox Randy Pitchford cannot live without various scandals. If they do not find a developer, then he creates them himself. It happened this time too.

This week, a wave of unrest swept across the United States, catalyzed by the death of an African American in Minneapolis George Floydwho was detained by police officer Derek Chawen.

The suspect was knocked down on the asphalt, after which a law enforcement officer pressed a knee on the victim’s neck. The incident fell on the video and provoked a real rebellion, during which the city burst into flames, and local residents looted shops.

As a result, for the first time since World War II, the United States National Guard was completely mobilized in Minnesota. Flood was fired from the police and charged.

Pitchford decided to “have a hot” on a hot topic, but did not think about the consequences.

“If you want to kill a few pig farmers this week, then there’s Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour“, – wrote the head of Gearbox, attaching a photo of a mutated police officer from the game.

Readers did not appreciate such an advertisement, to put it mildly. This surprised Pitchford, who said that “artists should push the boundaries.” The developer apologized, adding that he did not want to hurt anyone, but adding that the topic of police violence was relevant 20 years ago.

As a result, Pitchford hastened to delete his comments, but the Internet remembers everything. The funny thing in this story is that the head of the studio did not bother to arrange a discount on the game.

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