Kiev, Vikings, co-op, huge map – there were rumors about the new Assassin’s Creed, Jason Schreier partially confirmed the leak

On the imageboard 4chan new rumors about the coming Assassin’s creed. Such “leaks” are published quite often, since any user can publish anything on the resource. With the word “hearing”, information spread across the network.

At the ResetEra forum, it was discussed most actively and a news editor unexpectedly joined the conversation Kotaku Jason Schreyer. Having written the mysterious “hmmmmm”, the journalist attracted close attention, which entailed one single question: “How true is this leak”?

“By digging a bit, I can conclude that some of the details in it correspond to what I heard,” Schreyer answered. “Moreover, it looks like a real leak, in contrast to the list of someone’s fantasies born in a sick imagination.”

The leak itself is as follows:

Due to the recent “leak” on Amazon (which turned out to be fake), I decided to share some information that I heard from the members of the AC Ragnarok team. I post it as an anonymous person so that my friends stay away from the persecution of Ubisoft. I’ll start with some obvious information, and then move on to potential plot spoilers.

  • The subtitle of the next game is Ragnarok, codenamed Kingdom.
  • The project will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X.
  • The official announcement will take place in February at the upcoming event for the next PlayStation. The game itself will be released on September 29, 2023.
  • The project will have a cooperative up to 4 people, as in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
  • There will be only one character as a playable hero, Jora, who can be male or female.
  • Yora travels in companies of four, so other players can join (or disconnect) at any time.
  • Developers will continue to focus on the role component of the game. Now it will include various classes and a skill tree for each of them. A player’s class can be changed by a specific character.
  • Combat mechanics have undergone changes – the number of types of weapons and special abilities for each of them has been increased
  • Runes can be applied to each weapon to improve it and increase its strength.
  • A limit on the strength of the weapon was added to the game. Thus, the developers wanted to force players to more effectively use their arsenal and inventory capacity, which can be increased.
  • The adrenaline scale is a thing of the past, now it is a berserk mode that activates special runes that cause damage by fire, ice or lightning.
  • There were fewer battles under sail, now ships are more focused on reconnaissance and exploration, including moving along narrow rivers and swamps.
  • Parkour has been improved, new animations and the ability to climb trees have been added.
  • The hidden blade is still here, it has become more flexible in terms of cosmetics. It can also be improved to kill the enemy with one blow.
  • The stealth system was redesigned by adding several new mechanics, such as the ability to hide in the mud, snow, squat in the bushes, climb into hay bales, and so on.
  • In addition, you can hide in a crowd of passers-by if the hero’s equipment or armor allows you to do this, otherwise he will attract attention.

  • The game has a reputation system. Points are awarded for completing tasks from citizens and officials, and fall during the commission of crimes. Wearable clothing also affects her. Some tasks and story missions can be completed only after reaching a certain threshold of reputation.
  • Battles for settlements will return, which players help repel from the invaders. These missions can be completed in various ways. When capturing a large number of strategic points, users will receive profit from trading in the form of money and resources.
  • Players can also engage in battles between warring kingdoms. Battles appear from time to time around the world.
  • Users can take part in large-scale raids to capture forts and cities teeming with Vikings. Moreover, you can both join the battle and organize a raid by yourself.
  • The Assassins believe that they have a connection with Odin himself and call their crow-drone Odin’s eye.
  • The difficulty level has increased, for the most part this is due to the timing of the parry, the health of the player and the reaction time of the enemy than with the survivability of the enemy.
  • The leveling system is now based not on gaining experience, but on improving skills and abilities, as in Skyrim. As a result, the blocking of certain regions and other research content is a thing of the past.
  • Some skills are unlocked only when a high level of pumping is achieved, others are acquired for points, and still others are obtained during the game.
  • The map is huge. It includes all of Northern Europe. Sources mention such large cities as York, London, Paris and Kiev. Each kingdom must be truly unique.

  • The game begins in 845 A.D. from the siege of Paris. The player controls Yora’s father, Rorik, who is an ally of the Vikings leader Ragnar.
  • This is followed by a quick transition 18 years ahead, when young / young Yora lives in Novograd. In the end, the character meets with the Assassins and goes to Ragnar to deliver the parcel to Uppsala.
  • Ragnar thanks Yora for his help, and the player follows the Viking to Northumbria, where Templar Aella kills Ragnar.
  • Yora returns to the sons of Ragnar to gather an army to fight the Templars, who control most of Europe.
  • The plot tells about the many battles and wars during which players find an ally in the person of Alfred, capture Kiev, help Rollo in Normandy and overthrow the fat Karl in France.
  • Then a Templar named Bjorn finds a particle of Eden, similar to a knife, which gives him power over the Vikings. With their help, he is trying to invade England.
  • Yora kills Bjorn in the temple and gives the knife back to his mother, who is familiar with Ragnar.
  • During the game, users will visit many temples, each of which protects one of the mythical animals: a giant snake, dragon, kraken and giant.

What of this is true and what is not is unknown. Ubisoft has not yet officially announced the next Assassin’s Creed, and Schreier did not specify what fragments of the “leak” he had heard. In this regard, it is worth perceiving all of the above information with a fair amount of skepticism.

Earlier, another “leak” was refuted – Prince of Persia: Dark Babylon. According to Daniel Ahmad, the rumor turned out to be fake. Jason Schreyer said the same thing, proclaiming only one word: “Nonsense.”

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