Kentucky Route Zero Hints Finale Is Coming – review

The first episode of a phantasmagoric adventure Kentucky Route Zero was released in February 2013, and the journey has not yet been completed. The developers intended to release the final episode a couple of years after the release, then these plans moved to 2018 and were successfully forgotten.

Now the studio Cardboard computerseems ready to name the final release date for the fifth episode of Kentucky Route Zero. And the hotline 1-858-WHEN-KRZ hints at this. Those who call her hear a recorded message.

Current Status: Kentucky Route Zero is in preparation. More information will be available soon. If you want, you can wait with us. Stay on the line, please.


After a pause, the answering machine reports the waiting time. And if you translate the minutes into hours and days, everything indicates that the long-awaited event will occur on the evening of January 7, almost seven years after the first episode.
After the announcement of the waiting time, the phone informs that no one remembers what it is waiting for, and the updated time repeated a few more times.