Just Cause 3

But first let me tell you that in general such – Just Cause, for those who have not played any part. So, Just Cause – is impossibly perky arcade action movie about the adventures of the brave mercenary Rico Rodriguez. In Just Cause the world can be almost anything, but the game does not focus on the little things, as opposed to the same GTA. Forget dates and bars – here everything is ruled by chaos and scale. Chaos on the scale, if you will. Just Cause – this is one of those games (game series), which is limited to the story missions – so do not understand the game at all. Well, about the realism too sure – here it is not about that.


In the second part in a parachute, we spent more time than walking. Here – much the same.

The very name of Just Cause – a reference to the US raid in Panama (in fact it was the US invasion of Panama to “protect American citizens” and “restoration of democracy”). Historians translate the title as “Just Cause”, although some pirates (we will not point fingers), letting the other parts on the PC to translate it as: “Just because.” But we think it is logical in relation to the game generally does not transfer title – even if it will remain a thick hint of “special operation”.


Medici flag dictatorial version

All Games Just Cause, with the first to third current, always characterized by a completely open world, the ability to drive, fly and swim at all, that only gets in the way, as well as shoot from any weapons found. The goal – to overthrow the power of the local “big picture” of the dictator, working on some as “pictures” Agency (CIA implied).


All vehicles in the game – a fictional, but repeats counterparts in the real world

In general, the games in the series Just Cause – this is not just a great action with a “sandbox”, but also thick enough (and in some places – even the very subtle) political and social satire. As they say, any resemblance between the game and the events in your country – pure coincidence.


In the first part we have fought in an imaginary tropical island nation of San Esperito. In the second – in the fictional tropical Pan (remember – the similarities with Panama, of course, “purely by chance”). Now, we being moved to non-existent Mediterranean Medici, slightly reminiscent of Monaco.


Recognize European architecture?

Rest assured, this is not exactly a screenshot of Forza Horizon 2


And this, too,

Rico Rodriguez arrives at the Medici and meets his old friend Mario, who decided to start a revolution and overthrow the local dictator Di Ravello. Of course, Rico, which we manage, will be the main instrument of the revolution, the success of which will have to release the settlement, to seize military objects and perform various story missions.


Dictator Sebastiano Di Ravello – a cross between the Stalin and Saddam Hussein

Gradually, the story begins to revolve around the mysterious “Bavaria” mineral, from which you can make the most destructive weapons and the strongest armor. But, as before, the story in Just Cause – not the main thing. Some of the story missions, by the way, you can not even take until the release a certain number of areas.


Just after the first couple of introductory missions, Just Cause 3 lets players at will, allowing to do whatever he pleases. While, however, is not so all – in fact, the main thing here (as in the previous parts) – the destruction, destruction, and again – destruction.


In what other game you can take a ride on a huge mine dump trucks?


Or destroy the mine excavator, the size of a oil platform? (Oil platforms here too, by the way)

Incidentally, the mission system is fundamentally changed. In the second part we were doing the story missions for the “Agency” and vnesyuzhetnye – for one of the three factions warring for control of Panau (roughly speaking – the communists, conservatives and liberals).


Carry the statue of the dictator – a key element of the liberation

Here the story missions – for the revolution and rebels, and have turned to vnesyuzhetnye competition (however, freeing some island, it is possible to take additional insurgent mission). The competitions are fairly typical: to fly the fastest on the plane or in a wingsuit at the checkpoints, drive a car, to destroy a certain type of weapon all the objects on the basis of …

 Hacking mini-games lost to the QTE. As the landing of the enemy pilot from the helicopter and

But there are also funny – for example, to take stuffed with explosives bavarievoy car, drive it on to a certain place (without reducing the speed below the set value – do not remind you of anything?) And jump in time. Can you guess what all this?


How do you bang?


Yes, that’s so much better!

In general, in many respects the game began to resemble Far Cry 4, except that, JC3 be cheerful. But there is no stealth. But in the FC4 is no such freedom – and the world is much smaller, and opportunities to move on it less, and there are so many vzryvabelnyh buildings.


It’s a little less than half of the card game of the world


You see distant islands? Before they can fly and walk on them!


top of the world. gaming 

In JC3, in Mirror’s Edge, the player learns to respond quickly to red. You see somewhere red stripe? First blow, then to understand – what is it. Yes, it must be noted that the colors of the opposing sides, too, repeat Far Cry 4: opponents – red, our – blue. And yet, with JC3 gameplay point of view, to a greater extent it continues predecessor, JC2, rather than slipping into FC4 copying.


Those who value only the schedule, will be disappointed in the games. Yes, the world of Just Cause 3 looks very detailed, bright (vivid – who understands that the English word and its use in photography, that a better description and do not need), compared with the second part – as heaven and earth, but still large spaces games leave their mark.


View of the town from the hill

When you fly in a helicopter or in a wingsuit – unearthly beauty, but it is necessary to walk between buildings or try to enter into the interior (in some places it is even possible, as many story missions lead character name within any base, where is the main shootout) – and direct the first part of Halo.