Journey for a Rainy Autumn: Review of The Legend of the Green Knight

Knightly novels have recently lost their potential for film adaptation, giving way to teenage fantasy and psychological dramas. Moreover, in addition to the main Arthurian cycle from Sir Thomas Malory, who has done most of his work from idleness in prison, private collections are full of works from unknown authors. “The Legend of the Green Knight”Is one of such works. She was filmed two times, one of which even the deceased did not pass by. Sean Connery

New project from David Lowry, better known for our film “Pete and his dragon”, Takes the original novel, transforming it into a fabulous, unhurried dream with layers of hidden meanings. However, in his beautiful story, he does not stray so far from the original work, cutting off only the end and leaving room for interpretation, offering the viewer several finals at once. Wherein Dev Patel with its Indian roots, remembered for “Slumdog millionaire”, Does not look too much like King Arthur’s nephew – Gawain, but the new Lara Croft Alicia Vikander fits well into the role of a seductive Lady.

Plot “Green knight”Remains practically unchanged. The son of the Morgana fairy, Gawain, wants to become a knight, spending time in feasts and entertainment. But one day, taking a place on the right hand of King Arthur, he witnesses the appearance of the green knight. The mythical giant breaks into the royal feast and challenges any of the daredevils. The warrior must stab him in the neck and a year later appear in the green church and take the same blow from himself. Ambitious Gawain, dreaming of seeing himself as a king, accepts the bet and a year later must fulfill his promise or hide in dishonor.

Retaining the atmosphere and philosophical message of the original poem, David Lowry weaves the spindle of the story perfectly, maintaining a leisurely pace of storytelling and adding random characters to Gawain’s journey. On the path of the hero, there are endless battlefields, endless spaces with giants walking about their business and castles wrapped in greenery. Thanks to beautiful camera techniques and rich plans, very meditative work does not seem boring. On the contrary, it is pleasant to watch the events of The Legend of the Green Knight, trying to unravel the hidden meaning.

“The Legend of the Green Knight” is a movie that suits your mood, which is absolutely impossible to watch in a noisy company or in moments of fatigue. This trip is intended for a rainy autumn, when a cold rain is falling outside the window, a cat is purring somewhere nearby and you want to take a cup of hot tea, wrap yourself in a blanket and immerse yourself in something incredibly fabulous and magical.

Author: Alexander Loginov (XTR)


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