Jay Jonah Jameson with Santa’s beard and Rino’s Devastating Pursuit – New Spider-Man Video: Miles Morales

GameInformer Magazine Published New Superhero Action Gameplay Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, where we are shown the chase of the Spiders for Reno in the mall and for the first time live Jay John Jameson… We already know from the events of the first game that he does not work for the Daily Bugle and hosts the Facts Only podcast.

In the clip shown, Jameson was just preparing to record the Christmas edition of his show, dressed in a Santa suit, when a Rhino suddenly flies into the studio walls, pursued by Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Jameson at this point was busy thinking up the insult he would throw at Spider-Man during the show, and the unexpected encounter with the heroes gave him the inspiration for a whole verbal attack. The Spider Duo then continue to chase the armored villain through the streets in an attempt to stop the more destruction he’s wreaking on the city.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be released 12th November on PS4 and 19th November on PS5.

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