Jason Schreier talks about one of Sony’s goals when creating the PlayStation 5 operating system

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In addition to the powerful hardware that provides next-generation consoles Xbox Series X and Playstation 5another point to which attention is paid Microsoft and Sony, is associated with the speed and ease of use of new systems. Both consoles are equipped with solid-state drives, promising ultra-fast downloads, and in the Xbox Series X, among other things, features such as Quick resumeThanks to which users can instantly switch between several running games.

Nothing has been officially announced about PlayStation 5 software features, however, the journalist Jason schreier of Kotaku heard that Sony strives to adapt its console’s operating system to make gaming “as easy as Netflix”.

“I heard something interesting about the PS5 operating system. One of the ideas they present to the developers is this: playing games on the PlayStation 5 should be as easy as using Netflix.”

Schreyer explained that Sony aims to make users understand that they can immediately launch the game and know exactly how much time they will take an action. One of the company’s goals is to ensure that gamers turn on the console not only when they have several hours of free time, but also thickets run it for the sake of short sessions.

The launch of the PS5 is slated for the 2020 Christmas holidays.

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