Japanese Nextstgen: Earth Defense Force 6 shooter announcement made

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Publisher D3 officially announced sixth number part third person shooter series Earth defense force and pixel spin-offs with subtitle World brothers. Japanese release expected Earth Defense Force 6 will be held in 2021. The platforms on which the sixth numbered game to save humanity from the invasion of giant insects will be available have not yet been announced, but the Japanese press suggests that it is created at least for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 or just PlayStation 5. The official regional PlayStation blog has already been hosted this news.

On the site that opened today there are no additional details yet, except for screenshots that show huge insects, once again terrorizing cities.

In turn, a pixel branch of a series called Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will be executed in the style of Minecraft and is designed to become a breath of fresh air. The game will feature all the characters in the franchise, and the Earth is shown in the form of a square, no matter what it means. A release is expected before the end of this year for the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

None of the above games in the series have yet been announced for the West. For the EDF franchise, long time intervals between release in Japan and abroad are traditional, but last year’s spin-off was an exception to the rule Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain. On PlayStation 4, it was launched simultaneously around the world on April 11, 2019.

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